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thinkingParticles Training

This is a Training for thinkingParticles 6.5

thinkingParticles 6.5
1-Year Subscription
thinkingParticles: Massive procedural dynamics effects system for 3ds Max660615Add to Cart Product 4826

This introductory tutorial explains and demonstrates basic concepts and features in thinkingParticles R3 and R4.

thinkingParticles Training -- Downloadable DVD Part 1In this thinkingParticles Training Downloadable DVD Part 1, Hristo Velev starts from the very beginning, by explaining what thinkingParticles is all about. Then he builds upon a solid foundation of theory and technical knowledge from the program. From there, Hristo elucidates an extensive set of basic concepts which guide you through the massive amount of features in thinkingParticles. Throughout this learning process, he demonstrates several practical effects that can be very useful in production.
Please consider also Part 2 of this training downloadable DVD.
After the basic concepts are covered, he creates an entire project, from start to finish, to help you comprehend the entire process. With over 9 hours of training, this DVD will help you understand thinkingParticles R3 and R4 much better and enable you to start creating amazing effects from the get-go.
Duration: 9 Hours
Project Files: Over 40 3ds Max files, as seen in the DVD, with which to examine, reverse engineer and experiment.

About the Author

Hristo Velev worked on the movie '2012' as a VFX Artist and has been passionate about effects and video training for many years. Hristo is known for his many hours of free training on other subjects and is currently working in Berlin at Pixomondo.

This Product is Also Known As

  • thinkingParticles Training DVD

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