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TDM Solutions
Clayoo 2.6Clayoo: The latest and most advanced organic 3D modeling. It's a Rhino 6 plugin995955Add to Cart
formZ jr 8.6FormZ JR: Small and Intuitive 3D Modeling with Big Capabilities495465Add to Cart
TDM Solutions
Clayoo 2.0
Educational Lab License
Create organic designs however complex. Standalone license requiring Rhino 5.0.995949Add to Cart
Netfabb Standard 2020
1-Year Subscription
Netfabb Standard: Additive 3D printing manufacturing and design software230Add to Cart
Cyborg3D CAD2PolyCyborg3D CAD2Poly: Standalone product to convert CAD parts and assemblies into high quality "water tight" meshes495469Add to Cart
Cyborg3D CAD2PrintCyborg3D CAD2Print: Improves your STL files to produce better 3D prints495469Add to Cart
Cyborg3D SubD2CADCyborg3D SubD2CAD: Standalone product to convert existing subdivision surface models into NURBS995945Add to Cart
Mesh2SurfaceQUICKSURFACEThe ultimate Reverse Engineering solution for your 3D scanner4,395Add to Cart
VisualMESH 2020Efficient, easy & automatic tools for for cleaning and fixing up 3D mesh data for downstream applications such as toolpath programming and/or 3D printing1,000950Add to Cart
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