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EnSuite-Lite 2019
One Year Subscription
Standalone software that allows you to view all supported CAD formats995Add to Cart
Granite Pack for OkinoOkino add-ons based on PTC GraniteOne technology395359Add to Cart
DatakitRhino 3D Plugin: CAD Importer Pack
Data Translator
Everything you need to import your CAD models to Rhino1,5001,425Add to Cart
CADLook Advanced Viewer-Translator 2CADLook Advanced Viewer-Translator: Import and export IGES, STEP, VDA-FS, ACIS, Parasolid and STL files829785Add to Cart
EnSuite 2019
1-Year Subscription
EnSuite Viewer & Translator: A Solution for Leveraging CAD Data Across the Enterprise3,495Add to Cart
Power Translators Pro 15.0 for 3ds MaxThe Premiere Solution for Importing CAD Data in 3ds Max 2016-20191,9951,79550Add to Cart
Rhino 3D Plugin: Parasolid 3D Importer
Batch Option
Get the Batch Option to use the Parasolid 3D Importer in the Batch Mode500475Add to Cart
Data Translator: CATIA V5 3D to ParasolidStandalone translator from CATIA V5 to Parasolid (.xmt, .x_t). Recommended for Solid Edge Users3,0002,839Add to Cart
Data Translator: From SolidWorks 3D to ParasolidStandalone translator from SolidWorks to Parasolid (.xmt, .x_t)3,0002,829Add to Cart
Power Translators Universal 15 for 3ds MaxNative translation to 3ds Max for Pro/Engineer, CATIA, SolidWorks, SoildEdge, Unigraphics, Rhino, JT, Parasolid, STEP, IGES, and SAT2,9952,69550Add to Cart
Reader for CrossManager - Parasolid 3D File Format
One Year Lease w/ Maintenance
Import Parasolid 3D files into CrossManager. Includes 1 year Maintenance Subscription500475Add to Cart
1 - 12 of 30
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