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EnSuite-Lite 2018
One Year Subscription
Standalone software that allows you to view all supported CAD formats.995Add to Cart Product 11262
Granite Pack for OkinoOkino add-ons based on PTC GraniteOne technology395359Add to Cart Product 1067
Rhino 3D Plugin: CAD Importer Pack
Data Translator
Everything you need to import your CAD models to Rhino.1,5001,425Add to Cart Product 3378
CADLook Advanced Viewer-Translator 20CADLook Advanced Viewer-Translator: Import and export IGES, STEP, VDA-FS, ACIS, Parasolid and STL files829785Add to Cart Product 1859
EnSuite 2018 Viewer & Translator
1-Year Subscription
EnSuite Viewer & Translator: A Solution for Leveraging CAD Data Across the Enterprise3,495Add to Cart Product 2078
Power Translators Pro 15.0 for 3ds MaxThe Premiere Solution for Importing CAD Data in 3ds Max1,9951,79550Add to Cart Product 2136
Rhino 3D Plugin: Parasolid 3D Importer
Batch Option
Get the Batch Option to use the Parasolid 3D Importer in the Batch Mode500475Add to Cart Product 1080
Data Translator: CATIA V5 3D to ParasolidStandalone translator from CATIA V5 to Parasolid (.xmt, .x_t). Recommended for Solid Edge Users3,0002,839Add to Cart Product 1141
Data Translator: From SolidWorks 3D to ParasolidStandalone translator from SolidWorks to Parasolid (.xmt, .x_t)3,0002,829Add to Cart Product 2259
Power Translators Universal 15 for 3ds MaxNative translation to 3ds Max for Pro/Engineer, CATIA, SolidWorks, SoildEdge, Unigraphics, Rhino, JT, Parasolid, STEP, IGES, and SAT2,9952,69550Add to Cart Product 4324
Reader for CrossManager - Parasolid 3D File Format
One Year Lease w/ Maintenance
Import Parasolid 3D files into CrossManager. Includes 1 year Maintenance Subscription500475Add to Cart Product 4712
1 - 12 of 27