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SpaceMouse Pro 3D USBSpaceMouse Pro Wired: Superior 3D Navigation mouse for Professionals. USB wired.299280Add to Cart
EnSuite-Lite 2019
One Year Subscription
Standalone software that allows you to view all supported CAD formats995Add to Cart
DatakitRhino 3D Plugin: CAD Importer Pack
Data Translator
Everything you need to import your CAD models to Rhino1,5001,425Add to Cart
SpaceMouse Pro 3D WirelessSpaceMouse Pro Wireless 3D Mouse: The Wireless 3D Mouse for the Pro with carry case included. Connected wireless to a Micro-USB dongle (included) on your USB port.329317Add to Cart
EnSuite 2019
1-Year Subscription
EnSuite Viewer & Translator: A Solution for Leveraging CAD Data Across the Enterprise3,495Add to Cart
KeyShot 8.2 Enterprise
Floating License
KeyShot 8 Enterprise Edition: A floating license of KeyShot Pro Floating, Interactive KeyShotXR, Network Rendering (32 cores) and Siemens NX Plugin3,995Add to Cart
Writer for CrossManager - Siemens NX Unigraphics 3D File FormatCreate a Unigraphics (Siemens NX) 3D from any CAD file in CrossManager1,000950Add to Cart
Data Translator: Siemens NX Unigraphics 2D to DXFStandalone translator from Siemens (Unigraphics) NX (2D) to DXF2,0001,889Add to Cart
Data Translator: Siemens NX Unigraphics 2D to IGESStandalone translator from Siemens (Unigraphics) NX (2D) to IGES2,0001,899Add to Cart
1 - 12 of 37
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