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High-performance FEA-based topology optimization of load-carrying parts. Only for academic institutions. FEA model size restriction: 0.5 million FE nodes. License duration: 1 year.

ProTOp -- Academic (50 token) -- Network LicenseProTOp Academic (50 token) is a standalone topology optimization software that takes as input FNF, INP, GEO, and DAT files, generated by PTC Creo, Simulia Abaqus, SolidWorks Simulation, and Siemens NX respectively.


  • Based on custom finite elements, developed in-house especially for topology optimization
  • FEA - highly parallelized code, high performance sparse solver
  • Optimizer - a hybrid evolutionary/level-set optimizer, highly parallelized code
  • Shell (envelope) and lattice structure generation from solid parts
  • Semi-contact and semi-plastic finite elements
  • Easy modeling of pin joints, bolt/rivet fastening, and similar contact situations
  • Simple and easy to use user interface; fully interactive optimization process


  • Structure: statically loaded, linearly elastic isotropic material
  • Objectives: minimum strain energy; maximum lowest eigenfrequency
  • Targeting: volume part, stress, displacement
  • Technological constraints: YES
  • Multiple load cases: YES
  • Smoothing and simplification tools for resulting surface mesh: YES

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