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AcroPlot Repro: Print Quality PDF to TIFF Conversion

AcroPlot Repro 3-License PackThe AcroPlot line of software has always been able to produce some of the highest quality PDF files on the market. But when enabling the lines merge the software that does the final rendering (Ghostscript or Adobe) to create the output for the plotters have had a hard time converting the large format files because they are not optimized for large format drawings.
AcroPlot Repro 3-License Pack solves this problem and then more. Faster processing, better dithering, and the ability to actually convert files at 400 dpi (which currently ghostscript seldom does) means you can now create the same high quality output on your Oce or Kip plotter as you see in the PDF file.

Features and benefits

Quality of Conversion AcroPlot Repro 3-License Pack uses an advanced dithering pattern which we feel does a much better job and produces a higher quality plot. Ghostscript on the other hand uses an Ordered Dithering pattern which creates a noticeable pattern for solid fills and tends to drop out light gray lines and text.
Dithering Patterns in AcroPlot Repro 3-License Pack
AcroPlot Repro 3-License Pack has been narrowed down to 4 dithering patterns that appear to do the best jobs. Dithering Patterns 1 and 2 tend to have a more random pattern where Patterns 3 and 4 tend to have a more linear pattern. But 1 and 2 are more likely to drop out really thin light colored lines.
Memory Settings in AcroPlot Repro
Unlike Ghostscript AcroPlot Repro 3-License Pack is doing a true 400 dpi dithering which results in a much higher quality TIFF. This is a highly memory and processing intensive process. At 36"x48" and 400 dpi we are talking about 276 million pixels that have to be determined if they are white or black.

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