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AcroPlot Suite: Save When you Purchase 5 User Licenses for CADzation AcroPlot Pro

AcroPlot Suite 5-User PackDesigned to meet your conversion, editing and printing needs, AcroPlot Suite 5-User Pack is CADzation's most downloaded and popular product. It comes with 4 programs prepackaged to help your team save time and money, as well as improve communication.

What's Included

  • AcroPlot Pro for batch conversion of multiple formats to PDF, DWF, or images
  • AcroPlot Jr. AutoCAD Plug-in for quickly converting the current drawing
  • AcroPlot Matrix for PDF viewing, editing, printing, and markup
  • Acroplot Virtual Printer to print to PDF from any application

AcroPlot Pro

Intuitive Batch Conversion
AcroPlot Pro converts files from multiple formats. Over 40 formats supported, including: DWG, DXF, DWF, PLT, TIF, CALS, GP4, DOC, and XLS. Save project sets to reconvert with future revisions.
Smaller File Sizes
Accurate conversion of True Type fonts and advanced image optimization permits highly compressed, fully text searchable PDF's from AutoCAD drawings. And AcroPlot's solid fill optimization further reduces your PDF file size.
Advanced Bookmark and File Naming
Using block attributes in layouts and file properties in the DWG file allows for automatic creation of bookmarks during the batch process as well as control over the output filename of the PDF.
Lines Merge Support and Control
Create PDF or DWF files that view and print exactly as they would from AutoCAD. Full control of lines merge, transparency, solid fill, and images allow for creation of high quality optimized PDF files.
PDF Editing, Markup and Printing
Allows for easy editing, markup, and batch printing of PDF files. Insert DWF, PLT, and image files into the PDF. Our PDF markup tools are intuitive and easy to use.
Print From Any Windows Application
Create optimized PDF files from any Windows application using our superior PDF print driver. Optimized images create smaller PDF files compared to other PDF drivers.

AcroPlot Jr.

AcroPlot Jr. is an AutoCAD Plug-in for quickly converting the current drawing. AcroPlot Jr. was designed to convert the current drawing that you are working on to either a single PDF file or into individual PDF files for each layout. It is built on the same technology as the AcroPlot / AcroPlot Pro program. It can be started from the toolbar or menu inside AutoCAD 2000 or higher that is added by the ''AcroPlot Admin'' program.

AcroPlot Matrix

AcroPlot Matrix software enables you to easily view, comment, modify and print an extensive list of file types like PDF, DWF, TIFF, PLT, and more, that are associated with the architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing design workflows.
With a streamlined interface that makes it easy to use, yet very powerful, you can quickly open and add comments or stamps to files, insert, reorder, rotate, or delete pages, and even merge various file types into a single PDF or DWF.
Printing files to scale at full or reduced sizes that are dimensionally accurate is now possible in AcroPlot Matrix by using the "Custom Scale" option in the printing dialogue window. While other PDF and DWF software applications only print to either "No Scale" or "Reduce to Printable Area," AcroPlot Matrix provides the functionality to define a true reduction percentage so that output to any printer at any scale is now possible -- half-size prints are now quick, easy and accurate.

AcroPlot Virtual Printer

Professional Grade Virtual Printer
The AcroPlot Suite 5-User Pack installs a printer in the "Device & Printers" folder on your PC which allows you to create high quality PDF's from any program. Right-click on it and choose "Printing Preferences" to review all the options and settings that meet the needs of large corporations, as well as, individual users that demand exacting standards.
Print from any windows program
High quality digital output from any Windows program! Not all programs offer consistent output or file compression when creating virtual files like PDF. The AcroPlot Printer is designed to let you create digital files that view and print correctly.
Print, attach & email
Save time by configuring your settings to automatically attach the files you create to a new email so all you need to do is enter an email address and select "Send." We make it easy for you to get things done faster.
Add pages to existing PDF when printing
Build documents as you go. With the AcroPlot Suite 5-User Pack virtual printer you can keep printing to the same output file and automatically append the pages to the PDF. Printing from several different programs to a single PDF file will simplify creating your final product.
Automated Bookmark Creation
No need to spend hours manually creating bookmarks in PDF's. Automatically create bookmarks in PDF's using heading, bullets, and other document format styles. Plus, the AcroPlot Suite 5-User Pack includes AcroPlot Matrix which can quickly update any bookmarks in a PDF.
Digitally Sign & Watermark in one click
Signed, Sealed, Delivered -- Electronically! You don't have to print out a sheet of paper just to put your signature or professional stamp on it. Print, stamp, sign, and secure in one step. The AcroPlot Suite virtual printer provides everything necessary to apply 256-bit file security and 2048-bit RSA signature certificates.

This Product is Also Known As

  • AcroPlot Pro & Matrix

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AcroPlot Suite 5‑User Pack
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