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Muldrato Text Exporter Pro
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CADWORK POLAND Sp. z o.oCADWORK POLAND Sp. z o.oMuldrato Text Exporter ProMuldrato Text Exporter ProTool for translation of technical documentation (CAT & CAD)BID-191-8800439.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Muldrato Text Exporter Pro


Tool for translation of technical documentation (CAT & CAD)

Muldrato Text Exporter Pro is an automated software solution for text translations in CAD Drawings. Muldrato Text Exporter Pro fast, accurate and user-friendly and it streamlines your translation process, resulting in significant time and money savings.
Muldrato Text Exporter Pro is based on a multilingual Phrase dictionary, which enables the translation of DXF/DWG drawings into any language.


  • Text exporter with an automatic phrases optimization feature
  • Dictionary editing and optimization module
  • Text importer (translation module)
  • Text, font and drawings analyzer
  • Synchronic Viewer
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