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CAD InternationalCAD InternationalLANDWorksCAD ProLANDWorksCAD ProThe professional landscape architects and landscape designers' tool.BID-178-77572,845.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018



The professional landscape architects and landscape designers' tool.

LANDWorksCAD Pro is an easy-to-use professional level software specifically created for landscapers' needs.
This easy to use tool for landscapers does not require AutoCAD. LANDWorksCAD Pro is a complete program in its own right. It has all the tools of a professional CAD program, it will work with files created in other CAD software but it's easier to learn and use and it comes at a much more affordable price.
LANDWorksCAD Pro can be used to create sketch plans, 3D perspectives, sections, concept plans, planting plans, hard works plans, construction details, plant schedules, contour plans, irrigation plans, lighting plans, elevations, presentations and more. LANDWorksCAD Pro is compatible with files created with AutoCAD and many other software programs allowing you to share your designs with architects, town planners, surveyors and public authorities.
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