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Cast-Designer LT by C3P, the best Mechanical Design software
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This is a Rental of Cast-Designer LT

Economic Simulation Solution for Casting
Powerful and accurate, Cast-Designer LT 6-Month Subscription is based on a new concept developed to increase the usability of numerical simulation for casting businesses.
Easy to use, Cast-Designer LT requires very limited training. With its low technical complexity, there's no need for qualified staff: it takes only 4 simple steps from the opening of the model to the analysis of the output.

Features and Benefits

3D CAD Interface
  • General import file type: STL
  • Support many CAE mesh format (such as UNV, Ansys, Nastran, etc.)
Mesh Generation
  • Fully automatic 3D meshing generates hexahedral elements (no CAE background required)
  • Very fast and robust mesh generation, with flexibility to control the element size in different directions
  • Online preview of the mesh results
  • Powerful 'Group' function to re-structure the CAD objects, such as re-combine or extract the object(s) from existed CAD components
  • Automatically fixes CAD problems, such as intersection, gap, hole and dirty CAD surface
  • Built-in coarse mesh technology catches the tin feature and keep the thin wall with reasonable element numbers
  • Automatic layer option eliminates dead elements during the filling process
  • Advance node smoothing and mapping technology maintains a high quality mesh with good geometry description
  • 'Catch up fine feature' enhances the mesh quality for fine geometry feature in a very economic mesh numbers configuration
  • Save mesh parameters to data file, ready to use anytime
Model Setup
  • One easy-to-use window page for all object definition, interface setup, boundary condition and control parameters.
  • Using template concept, pre-define all the casting process that can be easily modified.
  • Rich material data, select material directly from the database
  • Material database management tools. One database for both thermal and flow analysis.
  • Built-in wizard for parameter setting, such as HTC, filling velocity, cooling channels, etc.
  • Rich control parameters. The default value is suitable for a wide array of options, but also allow for custom adjustments.
  • All conditions and parameters can be saved as CSF template and be use anytime
Simulation Speed
  • 10 minutes for analysis model meshing & setup
  • 1 to 2 hours for a general thermal and fluid flow analysis
  • 0.5 to 1 hour for an engineering report
  • 4 to 5 design concepts could be evaluated in one work day!
Material Database
Cast-Designer LT provides material database as standard in the software package. The initial value of the material in the database is available by clicking on the name of the material. The database is easily customizable, adding new material data or editing values of the existing material.
Casting process
  • High pressure die casting
  • Low pressure die casting
  • Sand casting
  • Gravity casting with permanent mould
  • Investment casting

Support & Maintenance

Basic Support included for most products and suites. Maximum 4 calls per month

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