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Quality at a good priceJose RamirezMonday, October 15, 2018I am a steel detailer owner of a small detailing business. I was using another well know detailing software for the US market but the yearly leasing was getting too expensive for my small operation. I decided to give Advance Steel a try and so far haven't regret it. At this price point you can't beat the quality. It has some fundamental concepts different from the software I used for about 15 years, and even though I've been using Advance Steel for just over a few weeks, I was able to produce decent dwgs and got used to its system. It give you a lot of flexibility for modeling and detailing but you have to learn how to set it up to your needs, a level of customization I didn't have with the other software.
Every detailing software has its own potential and it depends on the user to use it as it maximum. No software is perfect but as far as you know how to work around its imperfections you can be profitable in this tough business.
Advance Steel reduced my software yearly cost 75% and I'm able to share my 3D model, produce NC files and import other models without paying for extra modules
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It Just WorksClarence GesselaMonday, October 8, 2018An old school just works program. It's focused and minimalistic in is approach, and that assists you in getting down to the business of making art.Review Product2985
very impressedNigel OsMonday, September 10, 2018This product is beyond my expectations. So far I am extremely pleased. I had been comparing several other products either linked to AutoCAD or Vectorworks, neither of which I found easy to use nor well priced. I did not choose Landworkscad quickly as I like to do a lot of research before committing to buying something. All the research I could find came from Australia and I wasn't sure if there were many users in the USA. I'm still not sure of how many users there are but the software works super well for me and the support i've been getting from Dani and his team is amazing. I don't think the 3d side of things is any better than other CAD software but we use sketchup and Lumion for that anyway. For creating landscape design and documentation drawings this is hands-down the best, especially for the price which is a once only payment (no ongoing compulsory subscription).Review Product7757
RenewalToby TurpinWednesday, September 5, 2018Just trying to keep AutoCAD LT up to date. I need closer supervision.
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Frustratingly AwesomeClarence GesselaMonday, August 27, 2018It's obviously a great program but the learning curve is equivalent to taking on a second language. Intuitive is not a word I'd use for it but if you're disciplined and dedicated, then beautiful and tangible 3d art will be produced.Review Product3180
Quick response and works as expectedSamuel AndersonFriday, July 13, 2018Was a bit skeptical ordering student edition from someone other than Dessault, but I got my student verification/download link/product codes in less than a day and its a few bucks cheaper which is always a plus. Will be ordering from Novedge again in the future.Review Product14992
Great product.AnonymousMonday, July 2, 2018So far so good. Really appreciate some of the new features introduced in 2018.Review Product3180
Best Prices anywhere.Carl GrantTuesday, June 26, 2018Easy Process, Best Price.Review Product1472