AutoCAD 2017 : Update for AutoCAD 2015 & 2016 Users:

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Publisher: ASCENT, Center for Technical Knowledge
Publish Date: March 21, 2016
ISBN: 1943184186
Edition: Paperback
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The AutoCAD® 2017 (R1): Update for AutoCAD® 2015 & 2016 Users student guide teaches the new and enhanced features introduced in the AutoCAD® 2016 and AutoCAD® 2017 (R1) software. The topics covered range from general improvements and command enhancements to 3D modeling and collaboration enhancements.
Among the many changes in this release are changes to the general interface components, including the addition of the Start Tab, enhancements to tabs and panels, and changes to Autodesk® A360 collaboration and Help.
There are several updates to commands, such as dimensions, and various 3D tools, such as Point Clouds, Rendering, and editing previews.
Topics Covered
    • Interface enhancements
    • Command preview enhancements
    • Dimension enhancements
    • Point Cloud enhancements
    • Rendering enhancements
    • Customization updates in the Cloud
    • Design Feed palette
    • Direct access to A360 (Cloud)

    This student guide assumes familiarity with the AutoCAD 2015 or 2016 software.
AutoCAD 2017 :
Update for AutoCAD 2015 & 2016 Users:
Ascent - Center for Technical Knowledge
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ASIN: 1943184186