Implementing Virtual Design and Construction using BIM: Current and future practices

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Publisher: Routledge
Publish Date: April 18, 2016
ISBN: 9781138019942
Edition: Hardcover
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Implementing Virtual Design and Construction using BIM outlines the team structure, software and production ecosystem needed for an effective Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) process through current real world case studies of projects both in development and under construction. It provides the reader with a better understanding of the successful implementation of VDC and Building Information Modeling (BIM), and the benefits to the project team throughout the design and construction process. For readers already familiar with VDC, the book will provide invaluable examples of best practices and real world solutions.

Richly illustrated in color with actual VDC documentation, visualizations, and statistics, the reader is shown the real processes undertaken and outputs generated when working on high profile building information models. Online animations, interviews with practitioners, and downloadable templates, forms and files make this an interactive and highly engaging way to learn a crucial set of skills.

While keeping up with current industry practice is a minimum requirement, this book goes further by helping you prepare for the next level of virtual design and construction. This is essential reading for project managers, construction managers, architects, design managers, and anybody with a role in BIM or virtual construction.

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Implementing Virtual Design and Construction using BIM:
Current and future practices
Cheryle Cranbourne, Kyla Farrell, Oleg Moshkovich, Lennart Andersson
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ASIN: 1138019941