Construction Project Scheduling and Control

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Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: March 23, 2015
ISBN: 1118846001
Edition: Hardcover
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Bad scheduling can doom a construction project from thestart Construction Project Scheduling and Control provides acomprehensive examination of the analytical methods used to devisea reasonable, efficient, and successful schedule for constructionprojects of all sizes. This updated third edition contains newinformation on building image modeling (BIM) and its relationshipto project scheduling and control, as well as thorough coverage ofthe latest developments in the field. Written by a careerconstruction professional, this informative text introducesstudents to new concepts in CPM scheduling, including the author'sown Dynamic Minimum Lag technique. The expanded glossary andacronym list facilitate complete understanding, and the numeroussolved and unsolved problems help students test their knowledge andapply critical thinking to issues in construction scheduling. Acomplete instructor's manual provides solutions to all problems inthe book, test questions for each chapter, and additional examquestions for more comprehensive testing.
The entire success of a construction process hinges on anefficient, well-thought out schedule, which is strictly definedwhile allowing for inevitable delays and changes. This book helpsstudents learn the processes, tools, and techniques used to makeprojects run smoothly, with expert guidance toward the realities ofthis complex function.
    • Discover realistic scheduling solutions and cutting edgemethods
    • Learn the duties, responsibilities, and techniques of projectcontrol
    • Get up to date on the latest in sustainability, BIM, and leanconstruction
    • Explore the software tools that help coordinate scheduling
    Scheduling encompasses everything from staff requirements andequipment needs to materials delivery and inspections, requiring adeep understanding of the process. For the student interested inconstruction management, Construction Project Scheduling andControl is an informative text on the field's current bestpractices.
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