Construction Management JumpStart 2nd Edition

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Publisher: Sybex
Publish Date: May 17, 2010
ISBN: 0470609990
Edition: Paperback
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Launch your career in construction management with thisone-of-a-kind book The construction management industry is expected to increaseemployment by 16 percent over the next decade. This second editionof a bestselling introduction to construction management walks youthrough each stage of the construction management process.
Written from the constructor's perspective, this book willfamiliarize you with all the construction management fundamentalsand how Building Information Modeling (BIM) is impacting theconstruction management profession.
    • Covers interoperability of technology advances in theconstruction industry
    • Explains how BIM is challenging the traditional approach toproject delivery and how this affects the constructor's role
    • Elaborates each stage of the design and construction processand the tasks associated with each of them
    • Shows step-by-step how to estimate project costs, administercontracts, manage job site and construction operations, plan andschedule a project, monitor project performance, manage projectquality and safety, and assess project risks
    • Provides review questions at the end of each chapter to helpenforce understanding
    The tried-and-true project management principles presented inthis book will help ensure you a successful start to yourcareer.
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