BIM in Small-Scale Sustainable Design

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Publisher: Wiley
Publish Date: December 13, 2011
ISBN: 0470590890
Edition: Hardcover
List Price: ;90
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"Any architect doing small or medium scaled projects who is alsovested in sustainable design but is not yet doing BIM will enjoythis book's overall focus."
This work is the leading guide to architectural design within abuilding information modeling (BIM) workflow, giving thepractitioner a clear procedure when designing climate-loaddominated buildings. The book incorporates new information relatedto BIM, integrated practice, and sustainable design, as wellinformation on how designers can incorporate the latesttechnological tools. Each chapter addresses specific topics, suchas natural ventilation for cooling, passive solar heating,rainwater harvesting and building hydrology, optimizing materialuse and reducing construction waste, and collaborating withconsultants or other building professionals such as engineers andenergy modelers.   
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