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User Reviews of Bluebeam Revu CAD 2018

Bluebeam Revu CAD 2018 has been reviewed by 26 users, with an average rating of 4.0 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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Quick & easy
Jose Rabines August 14, 2014
The best PDF software.
Works with PDF files in a visual way, making it easy to learn and simple to use.
Great for quick edits, as well as detailed markups.
Use it at work and home.
Ray Chavez July 11, 2014
It`s the best PDF software i have ever used. so
Bluebeam Revu CAD
Leopoldo Sapene December 28, 2012
I recommend this software it is great for designer to review their work, and many other aplications.
Ward Thompson January 11, 2011
My rating says it all. I now can't imagine working without it.
Get it Soon
Winston Sealey October 6, 2010
My office had this 'thing' called Bluebeam as an alternate for marking up CAD drawings instead of scanning. I tried it and couldn't believe how easy and complete it was to work with. It has a lot of features - stapler - works excellently, and I'm only toying with it for one year now. I'm telling everyone there to try it before we lose this masterpiece!
Love Bluebeam - Hate Adobe
Bob Thompson August 19, 2010
Great software, easy to learn & use. Very powerful standard tools & ability to customize tools, and I'm sure there's more to learn. Try it, you'll never want to go back to Adobe!!
Great Program !
Anonymous June 2, 2010
Bluebeam has made my job as aCAD Detailer so much easier. I'll never go back to adobe. Huge difference.
makes acad useable and adobe defunct
Matt Montgomery April 6, 2010
great software, kills adobe's pro in usability and function - it even loads separate pages into one file in the CORRECT order given by file name - imagine that......a PDF programme that serves the user!
works brilliantly in acad as a batch PDF plotter, saves a stack of time.
marking up PDF plots is extremely easy and very handy given i work remote from the office - no printing, marking up and rescanning for email!
Try it you will like it.
Larry Nelson October 5, 2009
This softare is great it is seamless and it works very well. It will make you hate Adobe.
One for all
Vitor Jacinto January 7, 2009
I was waiting for this soft for a long time.
As a tablet PC user, this is the perfect tool for me, it replaced five different softwares in my daily basis use. Its versatile easy to use, and worth the money.
Definitely a must have
Great product
Pietro Campaniolo July 21, 2008
Daily use on a tablet pc and never a problem.
CAD Edition
Juoy Salcedo December 26, 2006
Bluebeam CAD Edition is a great product! Recommended.

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