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June 09, 2016 4 min read

Novedge: Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do. 

Mel Wallace:My name is Mel Wallace and I am the Director of Business Development for AEC Resource .

Novedge: What is AEC Resource in a nutshell?

Mel Wallace: We are a leading consultancy company that provides Building Information Modeling and Visualization solutions to Architectural, Engineering, Construction and Manufacturing firms around the globe. We are also an Autodesk Consulting Systems Integrator (CSI) Partner for all of the Americas, with expertise in combining Autodesk technologies with industries best- practices to solve complex business problems for our customer. How did it all start?

Mel Wallace: We actually started in Argentina, South America in 2002. Our two principals, Daniel & Diego were both working as managers on the Engineering Department of a local company that provided engineering and CAD outsourcing services to architects and engineers in Hawaii and California. In 2008, Daniel and Diego made a bold decision to leave this company to start their own firm: leveraging their Engineering foundation as early adopters of BIM principles and methodologies. It is from this approach that AEC Resource was born. From humble beginnings to becoming a thought leader of the BIM industry worldwide.

Novedge: You have a wide range of services; can you talk about them?

Mel Wallace:Sure, at our core we are technology firm that helps clients to solve complex project based problem – around the world, by reducing their costs while achieving outstanding results. It enables our client to be more effective with project coordination, communication and collaboration. Our services offering are focused in five key areas

  • BIM Consulting: We share all the knowledge and industry best practices acquired from 2000+ BIM projects.
  • Production Support: with 85+ person team, we provide remote or onsite Architectural /Engineering resource for your projects to meet the deliverable expectations on time and within budget;
  • Visualizations: Stunning Images, Videos, Animations and 3DTours to communicate ideas and the design intent of a client’s project;
  • 3D Laser Scanning: We use the latest LIDAR equipment and software technology to generate point clouds, developing high accurate “as-built” BIM models and documentation BIM to Facility Management. Using BIM as a digital model representing physical, technical, and functional characteristics of a building and leveraging the shared data and knowledge platform for all stakeholders involved, provides a basis for decision making during the entire lifecycle of a building

Novedge: What kind of software is in your portfolio?

Mel Wallace:  Our portfolio is made up mostly from all of the AutodeskBIM solutions, that allows you to easily create designs with objects, profit from project insight through rich information in the 3D models, and realize benefits throughout the project lifecycle: Autocad, Revit, Navisworks, Recap, 3ds Max, Inventor, Infraworks just to name a few, we also work with other solutions within the Facility Management workflows.
Novedge: Who is your target customer?

Mel Wallace:Our target customer are Architects, Engineers, Construction Firms and Owners.

Novedge: You have the resources to help big customers as well as small ones; can you give us a couple of examples so we understand your scale? 

Mel Wallace:Absolutely, we recently worked with an$750M Redevelopment for an international airport project, where the client had no BIM experience but partnered with AEC Resource to provide support to implement, coordinate and deliver the entire project in BIM.
Our approach was in 2 Stages: BIM implementation and BIM production. We wrote the BIM Mandate and BIM Execution Plan for the Construction Facilities Management Hand-off and provided all of the Training in Revit for 75+ subcontractors while concurrently provided BIM production services and coordination for the GC in project this was a massive effort lasting over 18 months for us. AEC Resource-1On a much smaller scale; we provided pursuit renderings for a local Architectural firm that was bidding on a residential project. Our visualization team created four perspective renderings that helped the client communicate the Design intent of the project, which  helped them win the bid…the other bidders didn’t have any visuals only specs and proposed figures.
Novedge: You consult, train, assist and help your clients maximize and leverage technology. It looks like the people that hire you for your services actually make an investment.

Mel Wallace:In the AEC Industry, with the proper technology solutions, you can manage cost more efficiently through the use of BIM. However, or goal is to always work within the clients defined budget. We see each engagement as an opportunity to develop a long term relationship with our client and not just a single project deliverable.

Novedge: Is BIM the new black?

Mel Wallace:Wow, great question….
Yes I would say that BIM is the new black: black goes with every outfit hanging in my closet……..the same way, BIM works with every project and client engaging in it. BIM  is a single piece of information source where all your ideas, design documents, functional characteristics, operational details of a construction project are kept intact, without creating any redundant data or information. Wouldn't that make life easier? That's exactly what Building Information Modeling does .

Time for a makeover? That's where AEC Resourcecomes in.  Browse through the list of their services and see if you can find a good fit for your business. No project can be too small or too big. The coaching value alone will provide great returns.

For all your Design Software needs, there's Novedge.


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