Interview with Maxim Bogdanov, ASCON CEO

by Franco Folini December 22, 2008 6 min read

When buying a CAD product most of us consider many factors, such as the list of features, the price, the platform, the level of integration between programs our clients and customers are already using, and so on.  While we may not realize it, many times we are also looking for something that feels or looks […]
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An Interview with Howie Markson, Sr. Director of Marketing of SpaceClaim

by Franco Folini June 07, 2007 8 min read

Howie Markson is Senior Director of Marketing of SpaceClaim, a new CAD company. SpaceClaim is bringing to the CAD market a new fresh approach that claims to perform similarly to the parametric-feature-based systems, but without the hassles typical of those systems. It’s not every day that you see a new company with original ideas trying […]
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An Interview with Matt Lombard, Author of the SolidWorks 2007 Bible

by Franco Folini May 10, 2007 8 min read

Matt Lombard (blog, website) is the author of the recently published "SolidWorks 2007 Bible", a huge volume with over 1,000 pages. His book has quickly become recognized as the reference book of choice for the SolidWorks community (see Rob Rodriguez, Anna Wood, and Jeff Mirisola), of which Matt is a very active and well-known member.  […]
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The New Rhino 4.0 is Here!

by Franco Folini February 12, 2007 3 min read

After keeping us waiting for years, Robert McNeel finally released Rhino 4.0. It's a completely new version of the popular Rhinoceros 3.0 NURBS modeler, mostly known by its nickname: Rhino 3D. Rhino 4.0 includes over 800 improvements based on users' feedback The development team put a lot of effort and energy into improving a product […]
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