Interview with Mark Perrett, Founder of Tips for Architecture School: “Take what you have learned from one genre and apply it to everything else you do in life”

by novedge January 22, 2013 6 min read

I discovered Tips for Architecture School, while looking for great blogs to follow on Tumblr. Mark Perrett has built a great resource for anyone currently studying architecture or planning to do so. His blog is also a useful reminder of what it means to start on this path and how much things have changed. Here's […]
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Don’t Quit Your Day Job to Start a CAD Blog

by Franco Folini January 06, 2007 3 min read

If you listen to the buzz about blogs and bloggers you may get the wrong impression and you may assume you can quit your day job and start blogging, with Google AdSense as the new reliable source of income. If you take a closer look at the key numbers you may find out that a […]
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