Autodesk Smoke 2013 has Arrived!

by novedge December 17, 2012 1 min read

We are so excited to announce that Autodesk Smoke 2013 is finally here. Autodesk Smoke 2013 is an amazing tool for editors. It is built to do much more than just edit, it combines non linear editing and effects in one platform. No need to spend time exporting files and moving data from different programs. […]
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Interview with Anthony Frausto-Robledo, Owner of Architosh

by Franco Folini September 08, 2008 7 min read

Creative professionals have always had a fascination with Apple products and the Mac personal computer in particular. While Mac was one of the first personal computers to have a graphic user-interface, the connection seems to goes beyond that — and to continue even after the GUI became a standard. One of the first websites who […]
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