Five Webinars That Will Change The Way You Use Rhino

June 27, 2014 3 min read


It's no secret that here at Novedge we love Rhino and all its plugins.  And because there is always so much to learn and do with this software, we are always happy to spread the word on its latest developments.

It's in this spirit that I compiled a list of 5 of our most recent and best webinars on Rhino, plus V-Ray, T-Splines and VisualARQ, to take your work to the next level. Enjoy!

1. Learn How to Model and Render a Motorcycle Helmet with Rhino and V-Ray

Maia Merav Holtzman recently returned to our webinar series to show how Rhino and V-Ray are a perfect match when it comes to product design. This is an intermediate level webinar, so if you are just beginning to use the software, check out this Rhino 5.0  intro level webinar first.

2. All You Need to Know to Get Started with V-Ray for Rhino

Intrigued by V-Ray? V-Ray for Rhino is a very powerful rendering engine that makes the rendering process easier and more intuitive while helping you achieve great results. In this webinar, Vassil Pepelyankov, V-Ray Master Trainer from the Chaos Group, shows all the newest features designed to work best with Rhino 4.0 and 5.0. 

3. Subdivision Surface Modeling with T-Splines for Rhino

Jim Girard joined the Novedge Webinar Series for the first time and di a great job of sharing his approach to product design using T-Splines for Rhino. Behind the scene, Matt Sederberg, who used to be the CEO of T-Splines before it was sold to Autodesk, answered many questions during the live broadcast. Unfortunately that part is not available in the recording, just one more reason to remember to join our webinars live. You can sign up here for our weekly newsletter to keep up to date with all future episodes.

4. Rhino for Jewelry Designers

Rhino is a great tool for jewelry designers. And now with the 3D printing becoming more and more available, designing jewelry with Rhino opens many opportunities to grow once business and visibility by, for example, joining online stores such as Shapeways and i.materialise

Join Maia Merav Holtzman as she covers the step-by-step creation of a model for rapid prototyping and casting, using the precision modeling necessary to accurately follow a 2D dimensioned spec sheet for 3D production.

5. Add BIM Features to Rhino with VisualARQ

And last, but not least, Francesc Salla, the Product Manager for VisualARQ, shows us how VisualARQ streamlines workflow and improves the architectural design process within Rhino. The new version of VisualARQ was recently released and we are planning on a new webinar with Francesc in the Fall. Sign up here to receive our Webinar Newsletter.


To purchase any of the products mentioned, don't forget to head over to Novedge to get a copy of Rhino, V-Ray, VisualARQ or T-Splines.

To keep up to date with the Novedge Webinar Series, subscribe to our weekly webinar newsletterand subscribe to our Vimeo or YouTube Channel.

BONUS: Daft Punk Helmet

And before I go, let me share a bonus video from Volpin Props showing how to design a replica of Thomas Bangalter's helmet from Daft Punk using none of the software above. In case you feel like picking up a four-month long project. Have a great weekend!



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