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July 14, 2015 5 min read

Editor's note: Last week in our Novedge Webinar Series, we ran a special webinar to try and clarify what will be the impact of all the change going on with Autodesk. We took a compilation of real questions from our customers and we asked Ray Savona to separate myth from reality. Enjoy the very instructive webinar recording and check out Ray's live answers in the transcript.

Who is our Autodesk Mythbuster?

Ray Savona is responsible for sales, partner programs and technical sales in North and South America. Prior to his roles in the Americas, Ray spent three years living in England and served as the Vice President of Channel Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). Ray brings over 25 years of experience in many facets of sales including territory sales, sales operations, technical support, consulting services and field marketing in both the hardware and software industries.

 He won't just tell the myths , he'll put them to the test!


The Subscription Myths: 

1) I have an AutoCAD permanent license under subscription. What will happen to my asset once permanent licenses disappear? 

Ray Savona: Nothing will happen to your assets. If you are buying perpetual licenses today, those are your licenses and will stay with you forever. We encourage you to put them under subscription because this way you are getting the greatest deals: you are going to get all the updates, plus you are going to get cloud credits , including the possibility to render in the cloud, there is  simulation functionality the cloud, there's sharing  you can do with A360 and storage….By that permanent license and put it under subscription. If you have some existing licenses that aren't under subscription get the subscription. You are going to be fine!

 2) Do all my licenses become rentals? Do they all have to be of the same kind (homogenized)?
Ray Savona:The answer is no. We don't believe our customers are going to be in that environment. We may have customers that have permanent licenses under maintenance that sort of fill the gap for their their core usage, and then they buy some desktop subscriptions for flex use, for project capacity increase; or they buy desktop subscriptions or cloud for a product that they don't use on a regular basis, for simulation or rendering. We definitely believe that our customers are going to have a mixed environment and we are going to be very supportive of that mixed environment!
3) How how do I mix and manage all prominent licenses with new licenses. Can I hold rentals and permit license at the same time ?
Ray Savona: The answer is yes. We are actually  building tools right now that are going to help our customers manage all their assets, be it maintenance subscriptions, desktop subscription or cloud subscription.
4) After the discontinuation of standalone perpetual licenses will all products still be available (as rentals) or some products will be discontinued ?
Ray Savona:Our intent is to take all of our portfolio that is available as a perpetual license, and make it available as a rental, cloud based or desktop subscription based. There's some caveats though. There are certain products that we will we discontinue , as we do today, if they are not major sellers. There's also the situation where we have some products which will not be offered as rentals, but we will continue to offer those products in a permanent or perpetual basis. Things  like Vault for example, our data management solution, are not going to have a desktop subscription version. So we will continue to offer that in a perpetual manner. As a rule of thumb, it is safe to assume that all of discontinued  products will have a desktop or cloud option.
5) If all products remain available as Rentals and rental will be the way to go……should I stock up now on Permanent Licenses?
Ray Savona: I had this question by many people and I think is becomes an individual choice. If you don't want the flexibility, if you would rather have permanent licenses, go ahead and by them now.  There's obviously some incentivesto buy right now, we're doing that as a customer satisfaction gesture to try to alleviate any angst for people that wanna stock up now. Just make sure you put it under maintenance subscription. At the same time, people that want flexibility, people that like the desktop subscription model, should probably think about moving now to that model. And there's also incentivesto move to the desktop subscription model. There is no back or white answer for when people should move, other than overtime we will be eliminating the perpetual licenses and you do eventually have to make the move.
6) Beside the allure of the discount, why should I invest in a three year Rental plan? Why should I trade in the flexibility?
 Ray Savona:Great question and I agree . The only reason you want to take advantage of that discount is if you know that you are going to be on maintenance for three years. You lock in a price, which is good since from time to time we do have cost of living increases on pricing. For the most part you have to weigh the flexibility versus the security of buying a "three year". And for some people it's all budget related: they have the budget now, they don't know if they will have it next year so they go ahead and lock it in.
7) What are the main perks and services of the Subscription?
 Ray Savona:As I talked about, probably the biggest perk is that you are always going to have the latest and greatest in software. But just as important are the cloud based services you are going to have access to: rendering is one, simulation is another, storage, collaboration through A360  (you can already start to share some of your designs with colleagues and clients).  These are all things that come as a part of the Subscription packages. We are going to continue to focus our development in more of the services associated with the platform that you all use everyday. We want to make sure we are delivering  what the customers want. There are many perks and they are not only about flexibility but also about the future way of making things.
In short: 
The way we design and build the world is changing rapidly . To keep ahead you demand more from your software you're looking for greater flexibility and integrated workflows that are open and connected. Autodesk has recognized that and is changing the way you access your Autodesk software as well.
As Ray Savona mentioned this is a great time to lock in your Perpetual Licenses or a Desktop Maintenance Subscription. The incentives are great and include huge rebates. But hurry because you have till July 24th! Check them out:
And there are great Promotional rebates for Desktop Subscriptions(Rentals):
You can also get rebates when you Move to Autodesk Suites,add Autodesk Network Activations or instant rebate when you purchase a new Autodesk LT Family Perpetual License. 
Give us a call at 866 362 8970 and dial in extension 705 to talk to our Autodesk Channel Manager, Scott Hester. 
The time is now!

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