VFX and Chill | ZBrush Timed Challenge

January 27, 2024 1 min read

VFX and Chill | ZBrush Timed Challenge

Video From YouTube: Maxon Red Giant

Join Red Giant's dynamic duo, Seth and Hashi, as they embark on an exciting sculpting endeavor within the digital realms of ZBrush. With a ticking clock adding pressure, they are tasked to create unique sculptures despite not being proficient in the software. Will they rise to the challenge, or will the timer get the best of them? Watch as creativity and hilarity ensue in this thrilling display of skill and ingenuity. Stay updated on all things VFX by following Red Giant's social media channels and make sure to check out their comprehensive suite of tools to elevate your own projects. #VFX #SculptingChallenge

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