Unveiling the Rhino Anywhere Plugin on food4Rhino: Streamlining Design Processes in the Cloud

December 12, 2023 3 min read

Unveiling the Rhino Anywhere Plugin on food4Rhino: Streamlining Design Processes in the Cloud

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The world of 3D design is continuously evolving, with new tools and plugins emerging that seek to streamline workflows and make design processes more efficient. The recent development in this arena is the introduction of Rhino Anywhere, an innovative plugin available on food4Rhino, which promises to leverage cloud technology to enhance the capabilities of Rhino, a leading 3D modeling software.

Created during the AEC Tech Hackathon at Thornton Tomasetti's Offices in New York, Rhino Anywhere was born out of a collaboration between ten AEC technology professionals. Over 25+ hours, these individuals worked tirelessly to integrate pixel streaming technology into Rhino, allowing for a groundbreaking shift in how the software can be utilized. The plugin was designed with the vision of making Rhino accessible to a broader audience through the creation of unique user interfaces that can be customized and streamed over the internet, without compromising on Rhino's renowned processing power.

One of the remarkable features of Rhino Anywhere is its ability to customize Rhino’s interface to provide a more intuitive and tailored experience. For example, it can simplify the interface with large, colorful buttons that allow children to interact with 3D design, sparking their creativity and facilitating educational experiences. This level of customization also extends to creating interfaces for individuals with limited hand or arm articulation, promoting inclusivity within the realm of design and 3D modeling.

The plugin is not only a testament to the adaptability and versatility of Rhino but also an embodiment of the team’s commitment to creativity and accessibility in the 3D world. Through Rhino Anywhere, Rhino transcends being merely a powerful modeling and CAD tool to become a platform for building public and client-facing applications that cater to specific needs.

Rhino Anywhere harnesses the advancements in cloud computing to offload complex computations, making it an ideal solution for collaborative projects and large-scale design tasks. This means that high-performance computing can be accessed from devices that traditionally would not have the capacity to handle such intensive processes, breaking down the barriers to high-quality 3D modeling and design.

Moreover, Rhino Anywhere expands the potential applications of Rhino, enabling users to deploy tailored solutions quickly. With the rise of remote working and the need to present and share design concepts with clients and stakeholders across the globe, Rhino Anywhere provides a bridge to connect ideas with execution seamlessly. The plugin signifies a step towards a future where design tools are not just about the features they offer natively but about how they can be customized and enhanced through cloud-based extensions.

Users interested in exploring Rhino Anywhere can access the plugin directly from food4Rhino. To support the learning curve, the creators have also provided a GitHub repository with additional resources, including a tutorial to get started.

While Rhino Anywhere serves as a notable enhancement for Rhino users, it also aligns perfectly with other design solutions available through NOVEDGE. For instance, plugins and software like Enscape for real-time rendering, V-Ray for photorealistic visualization, and VisualARQ for architectural BIM design are excellent companions to Rhino and can be seamlessly integrated to further enhance the design process.

For professionals seeking to expand the utility of Rhino and harness the cloud's power, Rhino Anywhere presents an opportunity to redefine the boundaries of design technology. It is a clear example of how the design community continues to innovate, pushing the envelope of what is possible with modern software tools.

For more information about the newest and most advanced design software technology, including Rhino and its plugins, feel free to reach out to our sales team at NOVEDGE. Our experts are well-equipped to guide you through the latest innovations and help you integrate them into your workflow for optimal results.

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