Unveiling Intact.Simulation's Latest Update: Now With Rhino 8 Compatibility and Enhanced Features

February 07, 2024 3 min read

Unveiling Intact.Simulation's Latest Update: Now With Rhino 8 Compatibility and Enhanced Features

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Introducing the Powerful New Features of Intact.Simulation's Latest Version

As the design and engineering industries continue to expand and evolve, software tools must keep pace to support the innovative work of professionals across these fields. It is with this vision that Intact.Simulation's latest update makes its debut, fully embracing compatibility with Rhino 8 and introducing an array of enhanced features that streamline the design process and augment the capabilities of users.

Seamless Integration with Rhino 8

With the release of the new version (V2024.02.05_2.0.0), Intact.Simulation takes a significant leap forward by aligning itself with the latest advancements of Rhino 8. This remarkable synergy between cutting-edge simulation technology and a leading CAD environment signifies a transformative step for designers and engineers who rely on Rhino's robust modeling platform.

Automated Simulation Workflow

A standout feature in this update is the ability to automatically run simulations after modifying a parameter—an innovation that is exclusive to Rhino 8. This enhancement not only saves valuable time but also greatly improves the efficiency of iterative design processes. By reducing manual intervention, Intact.Simulation for Rhino Grasshopper V2.0 ensures that simulations keep up with the quick pace of design alterations, allowing for real-time feedback and more informed decision-making.

Expanded Input Options

Further extending its versatility, the update introduces the capability to input lists of materials directly into a ComponentBlock, as well as the ability to manage lists of boundary condition loads. This development provides users with greater control and flexibility, enabling the creation of more complex and detailed models that better represent real-world conditions. By accommodating a broader range of inputs, Intact.Simulation ensures that designers and engineers can accurately simulate the performance of their projects under various scenarios.

Advanced Capabilities

In addition to these new input options, the latest version of Intact.Simulation enhances the user experience with advanced capabilities that promote a more intuitive and productive workflow. These improvements address the needs of users by refining the software's core functions, ensuring that Intact.Simulation remains a tool that effectively bridges the gap between conceptual design and functional analysis.

Resolution of Bugs and User Experience Enhancements

Complementing the functional enhancements, this update also includes important bug fixes and general improvements. A user-oriented approach is evident, as the resolution of bugs not only minimizes disruptions but also fortifies the reliability of the software. Collectively, these refinements contribute to a more seamless and enjoyable user experience, underscoring Intact.Simulation's commitment to quality and performance.


The latest update to Intact.Simulation reinforces its position as a vital partner for professionals who utilize Rhino 8 as part of their design and engineering workflows. In a landscape where precision and speed are paramount, this enhanced compatibility and the suite of new features represent a significant advancement in simulation software technology. For those who are looking to further expand their design toolkit, NOVEDGE offers a range of compatible products that can complement the use of Intact.Simulation with Rhino 8. For instance, software such as MAXON's Cinema 4D can be used for visually stunning renderings, while MathCAD offers mathematical computing solutions that can support in-depth analysis. Moreover, those interested in enhancing their BIM capabilities can explore tools like VisualARQ and Lands Design, both of which are compatible with Rhino and enrich modeling with intelligent architectural and landscaping components. For further exploration of the most advanced design software technology, and to find out how Intact.Simulation's latest features can elevate your projects, you are invited to contact our sales team at NOVEDGE. Our experts are well-equipped to advise and assist you with your software needs, ensuring you have access to the most suitable tools to bring your designs to life in this rapidly evolving digital age.

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