Rhino 3D Tip: Creating Engaging Animations in Rhino 3D: Essential Tips for Dynamic Design Presentations

March 06, 2024 2 min read

Rhino 3D Tip: Creating Engaging Animations in Rhino 3D: Essential Tips for Dynamic Design Presentations


Animations in Rhino 3D can transform your static models into dynamic presentations that can better convey the functionality and aesthetics of your design. Rhino offers a range of simple tools to create basic animations, which are excellent for design reviews and client presentations. Here are some tips to get started with animation in Rhino:

  • Begin by setting up your desired viewpoints. Use named views to save camera positions so you can return to them easily.
  • Utilize the Turntable, which rotates your model around a fixed axis, ideal for showcasing the model from all angles. Access this feature through the command -_Turntable.
  • Explore Bongo, a plug-in for Rhino that provides more advanced animation tools. With Bongo, you can animate moving, scaling, and rotating Rhino objects without exporting them.
  • Create keyframes for your animation in the timeline. Keyframes define the start and end points of any smooth transition.
  • Control the ease of movement between frames by adjusting the tweening options to create more natural motions.
  • Remember to adjust the settings for your animation rendering to balance between quality and rendering time. Higher quality animations will take longer to render.
  • When your animation is ready, you can render it into a video file. Rhino supports rendering to various video formats which can be used for presentations or shared on social media.
  • For complex animations, consider breaking them down into smaller sequences that can be edited and combined later.

Keep in mind that while Rhino has some built-in animation capabilities, it is primarily a modeling tool. For more sophisticated animation requirements, including character animation or complex scene interactions, consider using Rhino in conjunction with specialized animation software.

For those looking to dive deeper, NOVEDGE ( https://novedge.com/ ) offers resources and tools that can enhance your Rhino experience, including Bongo and other plugins to bring your Rhino models to life.

As you get more comfortable with the basics of animation in Rhino, you can begin to explore more of the advanced functions that offer a greater degree of control over your animations. With practice, your animated presentations will not only impress but also more effectively communicate the vision behind your designs.


You can find all the Rhino products on the NOVEDGE web site at this page.

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