Exploring the Latest Autodesk Vault 2024.2 Enhancements for PDM and PLM Systems

December 15, 2023 3 min read

Exploring the Latest Autodesk Vault 2024.2 Enhancements for PDM and PLM Systems

Exploring the Latest Autodesk Vault 2024.2 Enhancements for PDM and PLM Systems Design News Header 2023

Autodesk Vault continues to evolve, providing powerful capabilities to streamline product data management (PDM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) workflows. The latest release, Autodesk Vault 2024.2, is no exception, offering a range of enhancements designed to boost productivity, collaboration, and data handling efficiency within engineering and design environments. Let's delve into the notable improvements that this update brings to the Vault Client and administration, and how they can benefit your organization.

Client Enhancements

The Vault Client has received a significant upgrade with customizable Rename Columns within the Rename wizard, allowing users to add property columns, change column order, resize, and sort, as well as copy and paste values across multiple columns. This level of customization, which also extends to Purge, Export, and Replace wizards, is a response to user feedback and further personalizes the data management experience.

Show/Hide Markup features have been introduced, with arrow icons enabling users to maximize their workspace by minimizing markup panels. Additionally, DWF and DWFX file support for Shared Views has been implemented, simplifying the process of sharing and collaborating on designs, a functionality that is already present in the Vault mobile app.

Administration Enhancements

Vault 2024.2 has empowered administrators with tools for centralized management and deployment of client configuration settings. This feature, exclusive to Vault Professional and subject to the Vault Set Options permission, enables default settings for grid view, saved searches, and shortcuts across client machines, which users can then tailor to their preferences.

Administrators also benefit from distributed views, searches, and shortcuts management. These capabilities provide initial settings for users, allowing for customization without compromising on the standardization of the working environment.

Significantly, the update has introduced a new feature that permits the exclusion of file store validation during backups, optimizing the backup process. User and Group Count Display provides a clear view of user and group totals, enhancing user management within the Vault system.

Additionally, the 'Created By' system property now supports mapping to file properties, offering more flexibility in data management. Another user-focused improvement is the PDF property management through a new PDF property provider, which allows the creation and modification of PDF property mappings in Vault, including during the Copy Design process.

Thin Client Enhancements

The Thin Client has also seen updates, with workspace navigation enhancements and sorting behavior alignment with the Thick Client. These changes are geared towards improving the user experience and consistency across different interfaces.

To explore and learn more about the Autodesk Vault product for data management, you can visit the Autodesk collection on the NOVEDGE website. Additionally, for those looking to share feedback or engage with the community, Autodesk provides platforms like Vault Ideas, Vault Forums, and the Feedback Community, where users can submit ideas, discuss workflows, and participate in testing new releases.


The Autodesk Vault 2024.2 release brings a robust set of client and administration enhancements that streamline PDM and PLM processes. By offering more customization, improved navigation, and new data property management capabilities, Vault continues to respond to the needs of its users and stay at the forefront of data management technology.

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