Explore the Future of Architectural Modeling: VisualARQ 3 Beta Launches for Rhino 8 Users

March 22, 2024 3 min read

Explore the Future of Architectural Modeling: VisualARQ 3 Beta Launches for Rhino 8 Users

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VisualARQ 3 Beta Takes Architectural Modeling to New Heights for Rhino 8 Users

The architecture, engineering, and construction industry continually witnesses technological advancements that streamline workflows and enhance design capabilities. In this vein, we're excited to announce the beta launch of VisualARQ 3, an architectural modeling software that integrates seamlessly with Rhinoceros 3D, specifically the newly minted Rhino 8. This launch heralds a suite of innovative features designed to propel architectural modeling into a new era of efficiency and precision.

VisualARQ has long been recognized for its robust BIM (Building Information Modeling) features that function within the versatile Rhino environment. With the beta version of VisualARQ 3 now available, users who already possess a VisualARQ license can experience firsthand the cutting-edge enhancements this update brings. It's important to note that during the beta phase, the focus will be on Rhino 8 compatibility, with the final release poised to support both Rhino 7 and Rhino 8 on Windows platforms.

Unlocking a New Realm of Features

VisualARQ 3 beta introduces a plethora of new features and improvements that cater to the intricate needs of architects and designers. A game-changing addition is the Level Manager, streamlining the organization and manipulation of various levels within a project. The new Table Report Panel allows for dynamic generation and customization of reports, simplifying the documentation process.

Building boundaries can now be defined with greater control, enabling the creation of complex structures with ease. Moreover, with the inclusion of Reflected Ceiling Plans, professionals can detail and visualize ceiling designs accurately within their models.

Design precision is further enhanced with the implementation of Guides, which serve as reference lines or points that facilitate the intricate placement and alignment of elements. When it comes to project reviews and quality control, the new Clash Report Panel becomes an indispensable tool. It identifies and documents interferences between model elements, mitigating the risk of construction errors and delays.

Lastly, a Profiles Manager has been integrated to provide improved management of section profiles used in the creation of walls, beams, and columns. This ensures consistency and ease of access to frequently used profiles, streamlining the modeling process.

From VisualARQ 2 to VisualARQ 3: Transitioning with Ease

For those who have yet to acquire a VisualARQ license, there's good news. If you purchase VisualARQ 2 from January 2024 until the official release of VisualARQ 3, you are eligible for a free upgrade to VisualARQ 3. This offer is an excellent opportunity for new users to embark on their modeling journey equipped with the latest tools and features that VisualARQ 3 promises to deliver.

Compatibility and Integration: A Cohesive Ecosystem

VisualARQ is known for its smooth integration with Rhino 3D, and the beta launch of VisualARQ 3 for Rhino 8 underscores this synergy. Users can take advantage of Rhino's powerful NURBS modeling capabilities while utilizing VisualARQ's BIM features for an all-encompassing design and documentation process. Besides, for an enhanced visualization experience, users can integrate VisualARQ with rendering solutions like V-Ray for superior render outputs.

Moreover, VisualARQ 3 is designed to work in concert with other powerful plugins compatible with Rhino 8. For instance, xNURBS, a plugin known for its versatile and powerful NURBS modeling capabilities, can enhance the organic modeling potential within the architectural domain.

Adapting to site-specific designs and geospatial data is made easier with tools like Lands Design, which can be used alongside VisualARQ to incorporate realistic landscapes and terrain modeling into architectural projects.


The beta release of VisualARQ 3 for Rhino 8 users is an exciting development that marks a significant step forward in architectural modeling and BIM technology. With its advanced new features tailored to the needs of architects and designers, VisualARQ 3 demonstrates a commitment to elevating the standards of architectural modeling software.

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