CAMJam #387: 3 Axis Horizontal Roughing

April 11, 2024 1 min read

CAMJam #387: 3 Axis Horizontal Roughing

Video From YouTube: MecSoft Corporation

Explore the capabilities of MecSoft's CAM plugins for CNC machining with an in-depth demonstration of advanced roughing strategies. This video covers how to efficiently remove material using a 3-axis CNC machine, with a focus on horizontal roughing techniques. Discover the benefits of precise and rapid material removal, which is crucial for shaping parts in the manufacturing process. The video also offers resources for users seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills, ensuring they can maximize the potential of their CNC equipment with MecSoft's innovative software solutions. For further learning, viewers are encouraged to access additional materials and demo software from MecSoft's comprehensive suite of CAM products.

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