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User Reviews of formZ pro 8.6 + RenderZone Bundle

formZ pro 8.6 + RenderZone Bundle has been reviewed by 8 users, with an average rating of 4.1 stars. All our custmer reviews are written by authentic users of the product. We publish all honest and fair product reviews, regardless of the rating.
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FormZ 8 and Autocad Perfect !
John Troxtel April 12, 2015
Recently, I've been working at a large shop where Autocad is the main drafting program. There are 27drafters in our department alone. But when I introduced FormZ 8 to the company. The integration into to the autocad workflow was
simple. Simply save as a autocad dwg file and the two programs almost work like one. They were at first convinced they needed Solidworks but since there was no stress analysis or simulation involved Formz 8 turned out to save them a lot of money. BTW guys the new interface is killer. I can model as fast as any Maya guy now but do it it a technical environment where the dimensions really matter.

Killer App


John Troxtel
formz renderzone plus
Kyle Hirouji May 22, 2009
This is an awesome 3d program. I'm a freelance designer. I've been using it for years for exhibit tradeshow and architecture projects. It works great on both mac and windows machines. The operation convention is a little non-standard, but very easy to get up to speed. Tech support is awesome - never a long wait.
Purchasing experience from Novedge was great also. I ordered it online and got the program in a couple days - no hassles! I WOULD definitely purchase from Novedge again!
My best asset
Albert Turick September 25, 2008
As a designer of retail environments and store fixtures, I find form Z to be a invaluable tool for planning and presentation. I've worked with earlier versions of the program and find this one to be the best yet.

I particularly like the expanded menu of predefind surfaces.

I do miss having a printed manual to refer to though.

I would like to see the downloadable libraries updated with more contemporary funishings and objects such as flat panel TV's, lighting fixtures and some people.
Modeling is King
Daniel Shear August 2, 2008
With formZ RenderZone Plus 6.6, ADS has pushed formZ to new heights in a professional level 3D CAD App. RenderZone Plus is beautifully integrated into formZ and offers very good global illumination capabilities. V. 6.6 adds Import capabilities for DWG 2007 and 2008 so, this negates the previous reviewers complaints. Sure, a beefy app like formZ requires 2 years time to be a power user. Of course, the same could be said for any professional level 3D app. like 3D Studio Max, Maya and others. For Hyper Realism in terms of rendering, the formZ Maxwell Plugin, v. 1.7 is truly amazing. V. 6 of formZ brought Object Animation capabilities that Greatly enhance the already robust 3D Modeling capabilities. The Next Major release of formZ should address the limitations of the Drafting module. Then an Architecture specific module with BIM features and then finally a History based modeling environment tailored for Industrial Designers, should appear on the market. Oh, and in terms of ADS, they Do have the Best Tech Support in the 3D App. Business! If you are willing to tap into this professional level product and learn it, then you will not be disappointed. If you do not need such a robust professional level 3D application. then ADS' new BonZai 3D, that will go head to head with Sketchup, should satisfy your needs and your budget extremely well.
Quirky to master, unique results
Greg Kavendish July 17, 2006
Great for non-blob architecture (ie: stuff somebody will actually pay you to build) and product design. Once you learn the ins and outs of this program, including setting up your own keyboard shortcuts, and the very important "clip hither and yon", it is a cinch to make 3d models, chop them up and generate CDs. This latest version now has mouse wheel zooming and panning, for AutoCAD like control. And Form Z makes the only renderings I personally don't get depressed looking at. Check out Wes Jones's work.

This Bundle Includes

formZ Pro 8.6FormZ Pro: The award-winning general purpose solid and surface modeler99574625Add to Cart Product 1703
RenderZone plugin for formZ Pro & JrCreate stunning presentations and visuals with photorealistic rendering in formZ pro and formZ jr395375Add to Cart Product 4220

Support & Maintenance

New user licenses of formZ pro 8.6 + RenderZone Bundle come with four months of free technical support over the phone or e-mail directly from AutoDesSys (4 months of Family Plan). Users have the option to subscribe to the Family Plan, an annual maintenance plan that provides unlimited technical support and updates sent to you as they are released.
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formZ pro 8.6 + RenderZone Bundle
Family Plan 1-Year Maintenance
Get one year of technical support over the phone or e-mail directly from auto.des.sys and free upgrades for your license of formZ300250Add to Cart Product 2525
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