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AutodeskAutodeskAutoCAD for Win 2017 - Subscription - Quarterly Term w/ Basic SupportAutoCAD for Win 2017 - Subscription - Quarterly Term w/ Basic SupportThe World's Leading 2D and 3D CAD Tool001I1-WW2432-T707-VC525.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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AutoCAD for Win 2017

AutoCAD for Win 2017 -- Subscription -- Quarterly Term w/ Basic Support

The World's Leading 2D and 3D CAD Tool

Design and shape the world around you with AutoCAD for Win 2017 Subscription software. AutoCAD for Win 2017 software connects and streamlines your design workflow like never before. New Design Feed social collaboration tools drive greater project stakeholder involvement. Time-saving enhancements help speed your everyday workflow. And with live maps and powerful new reality capture capabilities, AutoCAD connects your designs to the real world around you.

Design Features

New Live Maps
Connect your design to the real world around you through a coordinate system library that introduces live maps directly inside the AutoCAD canvas.
Enhanced Reality Capture
Point cloud functionality is enhanced to support the ability to attach point cloud project scan files, including RCP and RCS file formats.
Surface Curve Extraction
Extract isoline curves through a specific point on a surface or face of a solid to determine the contour lines of any shape.
Context-sensitive PressPull
Extrude and offset curves, creating surfaces and solids. Use the Multiple option to select multiple objects within a single PressPull operation.
AutodeskSketchbook Designer for AutoCAD for Win 2017
Autodesk Sketchbook Designer software adds integrated illustration, painting and image manipulation capabilities to enhance your AutoCAD workflow.
3D Free-Form Design Tools
Generate design ideas in almost any form imaginable with AutoCAD design features. Push/pull faces, edges and vertices to model complex shades, add smooth surfaces and more. Solid, mesh and surfacing modeling enhances flexibility and control when designing in 3D.
Introductory 3D Workspace
A streamlined set of 3D modeling and visualization functionality enables you to quickly access the most essential tools.
Surface Analysis
Get a clear understanding of the continuity between different surfaces.
In-Canvas Viewport Controls
New viewport controls enable you to change viewport settings, views and visual styles directly from the viewport canvas.
3D Associative Array
Define arrayed objects when designing in 3D. Rectangular, polar, and path associative arrays enable you to array selected objects in 3D space. Each of the three types of associative arrays include the ability to array selected objects in 3D space.
Editable UCS Icon
Select the UCS icon and use the multifunctional grips to change the UCS. Move the origin and rotate it around the X, Y, or Z axis.
Autodesk Inventor Fusion
Autodesk Inventor Fusion software enables you to flexibly edite and validate models from almost any source, helping you further experience the benefits of easy-to-use 3D in the native DWG format.

Documentation Features

Enhanced Intelligent Command Line
The command interface now includes AutoCorrect, Adaptive Suggestions, and Synonym Suggestions. AutoComplete now suppoerts mid-string search.
New File Tabs
File Tabs provide a fast and visual way to switch between open drawings or to create and open additional drawings.
Section and Detail Views
Easily access tools for creating Section and Detail views. Choose from common section methods, including full, half, offset and aligned.
Strikethrough Text
Strikethrough style is provided for mtext, mleaders, dimensions, tables and ArcText, offering increased flexibility for representing text.
Property Edit Preview
Dynamically and instantaneously preview changes to object properties before applying them.
Autodesk Content Explorer
Autodesk Content Explorer service creates an index of your data based on where you instruct it to look, helping you access files faster.
Documentation Tools
Import models from a wide variety of formats and automatically generate intelligent CAD documents.
Associative Array Functionality
Establish and maintain a set of relationships between arrayed objects, such as windows on a building or trusses on a bridge.
Blend Tool
Create spline object with options for tangent or smooth continuity between two curves with the blend tool, speeding documentation time.
Copy Array
Quickly create a linear non-associative array, saving valuable time when working on designs with multiple arrays.
Delete Duplicate Objects
Clean up your drawings by removing duplicate or unneeded geometry.
Multifunction Grips
The power of multifunctional grips extends to lines, arcs, elliptical arcs, dimensions, and mleaders, as well as 3D faces, edges and vertices.
Autodesk Exchange for AutoCAD
With connected access to tips, tutorials, and more, Autodesk Exchange cloud-based service brings the content you need directly to your AutoCAD for Win 2017 workspace.
Slash Design Revision Time with Parametric Drawing
By defining persistent relationships between objects, parallel lines remain parallel and concentric circles remain centered, all automatically.
Hatch and Gradient Enhancements
Save time with hatch preview and gain more control with expanded object grip functionality.
Object Layer and Transparency
Display drawing and geometry with more flexibility by applying transparency layers, blocks, or objects.
Spline Updates
More easily add and remove vertices, edit fit points or control vertices, add kinks, and even specify the degree to which a spline should fit a curve.
Annotation Scaling
Create a single annotative-type object that automatically resizes to reflect the current viewport or model-space scale.
Organize Sheet Sets
Organzie your drawing sheets, reduce steps to publish, automatically create layout views, and link sheet set information.
Create and Edit Multiple Leaders
Define multileader styles, add miltiple leader lines to a single leader object, and include bubbles or blocks as leader content.

Customization Features

Enhanced Autodesk Exchange Apps
Customize AutoCAD for Win 2017 with an integrated connection to Autodesk Exchange Apps.
Windows 8 support
AutoCAD for Win 2017 now supports Windows 8.
Customization and Support File Sync<
You can easily share and access your AutoCad customization preferences and support files to travel with you as you move from one machine to the next.
Programming UI for Specialize Applications
Take advantage of our flexible development platform and visit the AutoCAD Developer Center to customize your CAD software to meet your needs.
Customizable and Expandable Ribbon UI
The ribbon user interface is both easily customizable so it can be optimized for each user and meets each company's standards.
Developer Support
Autodesk Developer Network training and support helps you integrate your AutoCAD plug-in or software into your workflow with the latest AutoCAD releases.
Enhancements Through Autodesk Partner's
Get a borad range of integrated and interoperable solutions for whatever you're designing from thousands of global Autodesk software partners.
Action Recorder Automates Repetitive Tasks
Save time and increase productivity by auotomating repetitive tasks without requiring the assistance of a CAD manager.

Connectivity Features

New Design Feed
Social collaboration tools drive greater involvement with project stakeholders.
Enhanced Social Media Sharing
Share media using built-in connections for Facebook and Twitter.
Autodesk 360 Connectivity
Connect with Autodesk cloud-service to synchronize your files and custom settings. Sync drawings with your online account directly from withn AutoCAD for Win 2017.
Inventor File Import
Save time by importing models from Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software directly into the AutoCAD model space environment.
PDF Support
Share and reuse designs easily with PDF support within AutoCAD software.
AtuoCAD WS App
Autodesk WS web and mobile application for AUtoCAD software keeps you connected to your designs over the web or from your mobile device.
DWG Convert
Convert DWG files created with Autodesk-based applications to any of the following DWG versions: Release 14, 2000, 20004, 2007, and 2010.
Materials Library
AutoCAD includes hundreds of visually rich, predefined surface materials that you can select and edit using the Materials Browser and Editor.
Save and share CAD files with DWG
The DWG file format from Autodesk is the authentic and accurate technology used to store and share CAD files when working in the industry.
Send an AutoCAD model to a 3D Printer
Whatever you're designing can now be made in to a physical prototype with a 3D printer, either your own or through a connected service provider.

Autodesk Authorized Training Centers

Get the greatest return on your software investment, faster, by building your knowledge in the areas you need the most at an Autodesk Authorized Training Center (ATC). To find an Authorized Training Center in your area please check our list.
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