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Netfabb Standard

Additive manufacturing and design software.

Netfabb Standard -- 2-Year SubscriptionNetfabb Standard 2-Year Subscription includes efficient build preparation capabilities alongside tools for optimizing designs for additive manufacturing, simulating metal additive processes, and planning for CNC post-processing.


Build preparation
  • Import, analyze, and repair models - Import models from a variety of CAD formats and use repair tools to quickly correct errors.
  • Modify models for production - Make your models production ready by adjusting wall thicknesses, smoothing rough areas, and more.
  • Configurable build supports - Identify areas that require support and use semi-automated tools to generate support structures.
  • Automatic packing - Use 2D and 3D packing algorithms to optimally place parts within the build volume.
  • Report generation - Create custom reports that include critical information for manufacturing and quoting.
  • Advanced toolpaths - Develop build strategies and define toolpath parameters for maximum surface quality, part density, and speed.
Design optimization for additive manufacturing
  • Internal lattice structures - Create lightweight parts with performance characteristics specific to your application.
  • Topology optimization - Generate forms that are optimized for stiffness and weight, based on the loads and constraints of the part.
  • Integrated performance analysis - Test how your optimized designs will perform using built-in Autodesk Nastran simulation.
  • Optimization engine - Automatically verify and optimize lattice and skin elements to meet load requirements and reduce weight.
  • Selective space structures (3S) - Fill solid volumes with standard or custom structures to create unique material properties for your part.
Metal process simulation and hybrid manufacturing
  • Predict deformation - Predict how metal additive manufactured parts will deform to help reduce build failures.
  • Predict build support failure - Predict support failure to aid in the design and optimization of support structures.
  • Detect recoater interference - Identify possible build failures with powder bed processes that may cause equipment damage.
  • Near net shape planning - Plan and model the near net shape for metal additive manufacturing processes using PowerShape technology.
  • Export to PowerMill - Export near net shapes directly to Autodesk PowerMill to generate CNC toolpaths for post-processing.
  • Cloud solving option - Use cloud-based simulation to get fast and accurate metal process simulation results.
Machine integration
  • Integrated print engines - Select from the most popular additive manufacturing machines to configure the Netfabb workspace to your process.
  • Collaborative multi-head 3D printing - Intelligently distribute toolpaths between multiple print heads working in unison on a single printer.
  • Solutions for machine manufacturers - Netfabb works with a range of OEMs to create integrated printing experiences configured for specific machines.

Compare Autodesk Netfabb additive manufacturing solutionsOpen Table
Main Features
Import common file formats
Batch import and repair
Solid model workflow
Automatic mesh repair
Semi-automatic mesh repair
Manual mesh repair
Cloud project collaboration
Mesh to CAD (B-rep) export
Analysis tools
Part and platform statistic
Part level analysis
Mesh compare
Live collision detection
Interlock detection
Z-removability check
Report generation
Model editing
Cutting tools
Mirror and scale
Split or extract shells
Mesh manipulation
Texture and colors
Part hollowing
Orientation and packing
Orientation analysis
Move, rotate, and align
Planar packing
Model packaging
Automatic 3D packing
Latticing and optimization
Lattice Assistant
Lattice Commander
Selective Space Structures (3S)
Lattice Optimization
Support generation
Fused filament fabrication supports
Multiple support types
Parametric supports
Automated support scripts
Semi-automatic support generation
Manual support creation
Angled volume supports
Slice Commander
Visual programming interface
Advanced Toolpathing Utility
Machine integration
Metal machine workspaces
Non-metal machine workspaces
Fused filament fabrication workspaces
LUA scripting
Hybrid manufacturing
Create near-net shapes
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Netfabb Standard
2‑Year Subscription
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