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Stingray 2017
Multi‑user Subscription
1‑Year Term
with Basic Support
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AutodeskAutodeskStingray 2017 - Multi-user Subscription - 1-Year Term w/ Basic SupportStingray 2017 - Multi-user Subscription - 1-Year Term w/ Basic Support3D game engine and real-time rendering softwareA72I1-WWN300-T857-VC360.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

Stingray 2017

Stingray 2017 -- Multi-user Subscription -- 1-Year Term w/ Basic Support

3D game engine and real-time rendering software

Whether you're a developer creating 3D games or a design professional creating real-time visualizations, the Stingray 2017 Multi-user Subscription engine is also a real-time rendering engine that helps design professionals better visualize their projects and present their ideas to clients. Stingray 2017 is integrated with 3ds Max, Maya, and Maya LT software.

Stingray for game development

Integrated workflows with Autodesk 3D animation tools simplify the game-making process for artists and developers.
Direct link to 3ds Max
Edits made in 3ds Max automatically update in Stingray.
Easy workflow from BIM to interactive
Walk through your design with full control.
3D rendering in real time
Create stunning real-time visuals of your design.

Stingray for design visualization

A direct link to 3ds Max and real-time rendering enables you to walk through designed spaces before they're built.
Get Stingray with Maya LT
Get access to Stingray through a Maya LT Subscription.
Continuous updates
Stingray gets regular product updates so you get the best new tools.
Art-to-engine workflows
Powerful interoperability with 3D animation tools.
Stunning rendering and visuals
Achieve the desired look and feel of your game.
User-friendly scripting tools
Create game logic no matter your skill level.
Data-driven core architecture
A flexible core design makes projects scale easily.
Integrated game development tools
A full suite of tools, all in one place.
Simplified testing and deployment
Test, revise, and deploy your game faster.

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