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Alias Concept
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AutodeskAutodeskAlias Concept - Multi-user Subscription Renewal - 2-Year Term w/ Advanced SupportAlias Concept - Multi-user Subscription Renewal - 2-Year Term w/ Advanced SupportFor Industrial Design. Concept adds sketching, fast concept modeling, and visualization.A63H1-00N842-T713-VC11,485.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018

Alias Concept

Alias Concept -- Multi-user Subscription Renewal -- 2-Year Term w/ Advanced Support

For Industrial Design. Concept adds sketching, fast concept modeling, and visualization.

Alias Concept Multi-user Subscription Renewal supports concept communication, design modeling, fast concept modeling, technical surfacing, reverse engineering, real-time design visualization, and engineering development collaboration.


Concept design
  • Sketching and illustration tools - Draw and edit with integrated tools.
  • Flexible product modeling - Visualize forms with multiple iterations.
  • Dynamic shape modeling - Edit product models at any stage.
  • 3D sculpting - Refine your 3D models.
Product modeling
  • Stitches and seams - Automatically create stitches and seams.
  • Surface chain select tool - Select a chain of surfaces with one pick.
  • Automatic arrays of shapes - Path Array duplicates objects around curves.
  • Mathematically precise surface creation - Use the Revolve tool to control pitch.
Surface modeling & Class-A surfacing
  • Multiblend tool - Make smooth transitions between surfaces
Surface analysis
  • Light Tunnel - Study surfaces in a virtual tunnel of light.
  • Shading in clay - Use clay for surface evaluation.
  • Isophotes for surface flow - Reveal design motion and underlying shape.
Design communication & product visualization
  • Ability to switch shading assignments - Easily switch between color combinations.
  • Variant configuration sets - Capture your current view for easy return.
  • Interactive product visualization - Evaluate design options with real-time visuals.
  • Compelling photorealistic renderings - Visualize your product with high-res imagery.
  • Convenient data exchange - Share industrial design data seamlessly.
Fast concept modeling
  • Hybrid mesh modeler - Use a hybrid mesh/NURBS modeling environment.
  • 2D sketch to 3D sketch - Transform 2D sketches to 3D.
  • Work in Engineering context - Work directly with engineering parts.
  • Design with curves - Design with 3D curves directly in Alias SpeedForm.
  • Shape exploration - Explore design variations.
  • Design variants - Choose among many options for your design.
  • Design precision - Precision tools for modelers and engineers.
  • Continuous industrial design pipeline - Export concepts for production modeling.
  • Real-time rendering capability - Quickly visualize your models

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