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AutodeskAutodeskVRED - Subscription Renewal - 3-Year Term w/ Advanced SupportVRED - Subscription Renewal - 3-Year Term w/ Advanced Support3D visualization and virtual prototyping software. For product designers.884I1-002889-T167-VC2,080.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018


VRED -- Subscription Renewal -- 3-Year Term w/ Advanced Support

3D visualization and virtual prototyping software. For product designers.

VRED Subscription Renewal visualization software helps automotive designers and engineers create product presentations, design reviews, and virtual prototypes. Use Digital Prototyping to quickly visualize ideas and evaluate designs.


Data preparation & navigation
  • Asset Manager improvements - Handle assets better with VRED software.
  • Automotive product interoperability - Work across Autodesk automotive tools.
  • Enhanced geometry behavior - Work with geometries more effectively.
  • Navigation in a scene - Rely on better control and navigation.
  • Integrated file converter - Import a wide variety of file formats with DirectConnect.
  • Simple User Interface - Create imagery faster.
  • Asset Manager - Create predefined asset libraries.
  • Camera collision detection - Navigate through your virtual space more easily.
Evaluation workflows
  • Measurement, grid, and ruler tools - Evaluate model size and proportions.
  • Improvements in materials - Better represent metallic paints.
  • Functional enhancements - Core functionality is expanded.
  • Simplified user interface - Updated icons simplify the user interface.
  • Animation module - Create keyframe animations in real time.
  • New modes of curvature analysis - Analyze NURBS-based surfaces.
  • Better results with fewer cycles - Reduce noise in interior scene rendering.
  • Multiple rendering modes - Choose your display quality and speed.
  • Render passes and render layer - Divide 3D environments into matching planes.
Visual setup
  • Pre-rendering shadows into geometry - Get faster results with for light shadows.
  • Realistic materials - Use photorealistic glass, paint, and metal.
  • Powerful lighting options - Control lighting with a variety of features.
  • Physical camera settings - Parameters include focal length and shutter speed.

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