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Maya LT 2017
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AutodeskAutodeskMaya LT 2017 - Subscription - 3-Year Term w/ Basic SupportMaya LT 2017 - Subscription - 3-Year Term w/ Basic Support3D modeling and animation tool for indie and mobile game development.923H1-WW2431-T417-VC650.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Maya LT 2017

Maya LT 2017 -- Subscription -- 3-Year Term w/ Basic Support

3D modeling and animation tool for indie and mobile game development.

Maya LT 2017 Subscription is a 3D modeling and animation tool designed for indie and mobile game development. Based on Maya software, Maya LT 2017 offers users a familiar UI and workflow at an affordable price.

Familiar game modeling software

Get a powerful and familiar game modeling tool for creating and editing characters, props, and environments.
  • Create characters, props, levels, and use high-res\low-res polygon workflows in unlimited scene sizes. Export objects or selections up to 25,000 polygons in the FBX format to game engines such as Unity 3D or Unreal.
  • Polygonal, NURBS, and subdivision surface modeling tools.
  • Optimize content for mobile devices with polygon reduction, data cleanup, blind data tagging, and level-of-detail tools.
  • Bridge, poke, cut, wedge, bevel, extrude, chamfer vertex, extrude along a curve, mirror cut, edge loop, edge ring, slide edge, and pick-walk tools.
  • True soft selection and soft modification.
  • Transfer of UV, color-per-vertex, and vertex position information between polygon meshes of differing topologies.
  • Nonlinear deformation modifiers: bend, taper/flare, squash, twist, wave, lattice.

Model material tools

Use a familiar and intuitive toolset to help create, edit, and adjust game model materials.
  • ShaderFX, a real-time, node-based shader editor enables the rapid creation of shaders that match the target game engine without manual coding, and simplifies the porting of shaders between Microsoft DirectX 11 and OpenGL environments.
  • Advanced game material effects: crack-free tessellation, vector displacement maps, translucence, reflections, and image-based lighting
  • Workflow for creative texturing: UV creation and editing, auto-projection, interactive relaxation, layout UVs, lattice modification, and smudge tools.
  • Multiple UV set support.
  • Multiple sets of animatable color-per-vertex (CPV), pre-lighting, and user-defined normals.

Lighting and texture baking

Efficiently simulate realistic game lighting using global illumination tools to bake lighting data into texture maps, or vertex maps.
  • Baked lighting data enables higher quality lighting with far less impact on game performance.
  • Bake texture maps from highly detailed models to lower polygon models: normal, occlusion, displacement, lighting, shadows.
  • Create near-realistic global illumination for game levels.
  • Bake illumination into texture maps, or vertex maps.
  • Implement an array of lighting effects: spotlights, point lights, direct lights, shadows, and global illumination.

Game animation software for mobile needs

Bring your game characters, props, and environments to life with efficient game animation tools based on Maya and HumanIK animation software.
  • Broad range of tools to create keyframe animations.
  • Editable motion trails/trajectories to fine-tune motion animation directly in the viewport.
  • Blend shape/morph target deformers for shape animation.
  • Automatic biped skeleton generator with interactive editing.
  • Easy-to-use, full-body inverse kinematic rigging with the HumanIK solver.
  • Ability to skin and pose game characters with near-realistic deformations.

More accurate viewport previews

A more accurate viewport displays assets that more closely represent how they appear in-game, reducing iteration times for faster asset creation.
  • ShaderFX enables artists to create shaders that closely match their target game engine without manual coding through a visual, node-based editor.
  • Access powerful DirectX 11 graphics directly in the viewport.
  • A variety of effects available: ambient occlusion, depth of field, anti-aliasing, alpha channel support, and high-quality lighting and shadows.
  • Support for HLSL (high-level shading language) and CgFX shaders.

Built for mobile game development workflows

Create 3D assets faster with software designed to fit more efficiently into the common game animation workflows of indie and mobile game developers.
  • FBX file format support for primary data exchange.
  • Create characters, props, levels, and use high-res\low-res polygon workflows in unlimited scene sizes. Export objects or selections up to 25,000 polygons in the FBX format to game engines such as Unity 3D or Unreal.
  • Import asset formats: Maya (.ma, .mb); Maya LT (.mlt, .obj, .fbx, .ai, .eps).
  • Import common texture formats: .bmp, .png, .dds, .exr, .tga, .tiff.
  • Out-of-box support for Unity 3D Engine and Unreal Engine game engine.
  • A high-quality viewport that displays assets as they appear in-game.
  • ShaderFX enables the creation of shaders that match the target game engine, and allow shader portability between DirectX 11 and OpenGL environments.
  • Bake high-res to low-res texture maps (normal, displacement, and lighting).
  • Create images for sprite sheets for 2D game pipelines.
  • Specialized game modeling and game animation tools based on Maya.

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