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AutoCAD, AutoCAD Raster Design, ShowCase and Mudbox. Incredible savings.

AutoCAD Design Suite Standard -- 2-Year Subscription RenewalAutodesk AutoCAD Design Suite Standard 2-Year Subscription Renewal includes Autodesk software, plus tools to create, capture, connect and showcase your designs and streamline your workflow. Extend the power of your design and documentation processes, now with support for Windows 8. New Design Feed tools bring social collaborations to your design, enabling greater involvement with project stakeholders. AUGI wish list items and dozens of time-saving enhancements to the most commonly-used features help speed your everyday workflow. And with live maps, geolocation, and powerful new reality capture capabilities, AutoCAD Design Suite connects your design ideas to the real world around you.

Create & Sketch Extraordinary Designs with this Powerful Bundle

Create—Discover New Possibilities
  • Create and sketch designs with conceptual sketching and design tools.
  • Explore your ideas in almost any shape imaginable with powerful 3D modeling and sculpting tools.
  • Drive your projects to completion with comprehensive documentation tools.
Capture—Bring Your World into AutoCAD Design Suite Standard
  • Capture design information from almost any source, and convert it into a DWF file.
  • Turn photographs into 3D models with easy-to-use photo modeling tools.
  • Translate third-party 3D file formats into DWG with model import and aggregation tools.
Connect—Plug into the Power of the Cloud
  • Supercharge your design and collaboration processes with online file exchange and rendering services that directly connects AutoCAD 2014 software to the Autodesk 360 cloud platform.
  • Access and download apps to customize your AutoCAD experience.
  • Enable web and mobile collaboration by publishing directly from AutoCAD 2014.
Showcase—Render Them Speechless
  • Showcase design ideas with illustrated drawings, renderings, 3D presentations, and 3D physical models.
  • Accelerate the feedback loop and avoid costly errors by clearly communicating design intent.
  • Explore variations of your AutoCAD designs with games-inspired visualization tools.
AutoCAD Design Suite Standard includes

This Bundle Includes

AutoCAD Raster Design 2018
Raster-to-vector conversion software 8290
ReCap 360 Ultimate 2016
1-Year Term w/ Basic Support
Improve the quality and efficiency in Autodesk design and creation products 9975
Showcase 2017
3D visualization software brings design to life 5200
Digital version (Archetype)
CAD software for anyone, anywhere, anytime 7840
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