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Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard
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AutodeskAutodeskMaya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard - Subscription Renewal - 1-Year w/Adv SupMaya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard - Subscription Renewal - 1-Year w/Adv SupPremium 3D Suite for Animation Pipeline Flexibility660H1-005206-T157-VC2,527.00Novedge+1 (415) 848 9018
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Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard

Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard -- Subscription Renewal -- 1-Year w/Adv Sup

Premium 3D Suite for Animation Pipeline Flexibility

Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard Subscription Renewal offer exceptional value and everything you need for 3D modeling, digital sculpting, texture painting, animation, effects, rendering and compositing. Purchase a suite and save on the cost of buying the software separately.
Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard includes Maya, Softimage, MotionBuilder, Mudbox and Sketchbook Designer.
Using Maya Entertainment Creation Suite Standard, you can:
  • Explore creative ideas, meet challenging production demands, and exceed audience expectations with:
    • Powerful 3D modeling, animation, effects, rendering, and compositing tools
    • Intuitive, organic modeling, texturing, and painting software
    • Real-time character animation and motion editing software
  • Transfer assets quickly, collaborate more efficiently, and increase animation pipeline effectiveness.
Autodesk FBX data interchange technology enables the exchange of rich animation or 3D scene data between Autodesk products in the suite.

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Compare May versions
Maya LT
Maya Full
Game ModelingMaya LTMaya Full
Primitive creation
Mesh creation tools
Polygon/mesh refinement tools
Brush-based surface manipulation
Sculpt geometry tool
Polygon reduction tool
True soft selection
Edge and ring loops display and editing
Streamlined texturing workflow
Multiple UV set support
Per-instance UV sets
Multiple sets/color-per-vertex
Multiple-editing modeling toolkit
Topology-based symmetry tools
Quad draw tool
Multicut tool
MaterialMaya LTMaya Full
ShaderFX graph-based real-time shader editor
HLSL and CgFX support
Turtle texture baking
3D paint tool (texture)
PSD file support
HyperShade and visor tools
Phong and hardware shaders
Advanced software shaders
Basic 2D and 3D procedural textures
Advanced 2D and 3D procedural textures
Substance procedural textures
Maya paint effects
Game AnimationMaya LTMaya Full
Keyframe animation
Graph and dope sheet editors
Editable motion trails
Animation layers
Trax nonlinear animation editor
Live animation retargeting
ATOM animation file save and load
Camera sequencer
Grease pencil
Autodesk HumanIK full-body IK animation system
General constraints
Geometry constraints
Set driven key tool
Spline IK, spring IK
Maya muscle deformation system
Complete set of geometry deformers
Subset of geometry deformers
Substitute geometry tool for skin
Heat map skinning
Paint skin weights
Create centered joints/joint chains
Game Pipeline and WorkflowMaya LTMaya Full
Viewport 2.0
Microsoft DirectX 11 enabled viewport
MEL and Python scripting
Write custom plugins with SDK
File interaction with Adobe Illustrator
Read/write Alembic framework format
Scene assembly tools for smarter data
File path editor for fixing broken file paths
Export assets up to 25,000 polygons with FBX technology
Save work-in-progress to Maya LT format
Dynamics and EffectsMaya LTMaya Full
Dynamics and effects features
Rendering & CompositingMaya LTMaya Full
Scene rendering
Advanced software shaders
Maya composite
Maya LTMaya Full