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2D Drawings Editor as standalone application or as KOMPAS plug-in

KOMPAS-Graphic V17 -- 6 Months LicenseThe KOMPAS-Graphic V17 6 Months License drawing editor is capable of automating 2D design and engineering plans for various industry verticals. It is used for machine design, civil engineering works, and for generating layout drawings and diagrams.
KOMPAS-Graphic V17 can automatically generate associative drawings from three-dimensional models, including cuts, sections, local cuts, detail views, views along arrows, and views with breaks. All of these are associated with the 3D model, so that any changes to the model are reflected in the 2D drawings.
Standard views are automatically constructed, with links to projections. The properties of 2D drawings, such as designation, description, and weight, are synchronized with the 3D model.
KOMPAS-Graphic can be used in two ways:
  • As a drawing and design module fully integrated into KOMPAS-3D.
  • As an independent product fully capable of handling all 2D designing and documentation requirements
KOMPAS-Graphic's functions are aimed at quickly creating high-quality drawings and diagrams, performing calculations, generating explanatory notes, specifications, and instructions, and outputting other documents.
KOMPAS-Graphic imports and exports drawings in DXF, DWG, and IGES formats. These translation tools allow you to exchange data with clients and customers using any other drawing system.
KOMPAS-Graphic includes the following features:
  • Management of objects in drawings.
  • Various methods and modes for constructing graphical primitives, including orthogonal drawing and grid snapping.
  • Multi-document mode for working with many drawings at once.
  • Well-designed and convenient interface makes the designer's work fast and enjoyable.
  • Power tools for creating parametric models of typical parts and assemblies.
  • Creation of typical fragment libraries, with no need for programming.
  • Fully flexible styles for lines, shading, and text.
  • Numerous methods for placing dimensions and notations.
  • Automatic selection of tolerances and deviation values.
  • Fast access to typical text and designations.
  • Built-in text editor with spell checking.
  • Built-in table editor.

The KOMPAS-Graphic V17 drawing editor offers the broadest capabilities for the automation of design and engineering in various industry branches. It is successfully used in machine-building design, in civil engineering design, at drawing up various plans and diagrams.
KOMPAS-Graphic V17 can be used as a drawing and outline design module being fully integrated into KOMPAS-3D or as an independent product fully covering the problems of 2D-designing and release of documentation. From the very beginning, the system has been focused on a complete support of UDDS (unified design documentation system). In doing so, it is capable to provide flexible setting for the enterprise standards.
The broad drawings documents import/export tools (KOMPAS-Graphic V17 supports DXF, DWG, IGES formats) allows to easily exchange data with allied companies and customers using any drawing and graphical systems. The whole KOMPAS-Graphic V17 function is aimed at quickly creating high-quality drawings, diagrams, calculation and explanatory notes, specifications, instructions and other documents.

Key Features and Benefits

  • a well thought-out and convenient interface making the designer's work to be fast and enjoying,
  • a multidocument working mode for operations with drawings;
  • various methods and modes of construction of graphical primitives (including orthogonal drawing, grid snapping, etc.);
  • management of the order of graphical object drawing;
  • power tools for the creation of parametric models for typical parts or assembly units being most often used;
  • creation of typical fragment libraries without any programming;
  • any styles of lines, shading, texts;
  • numerous methods of dimensioning and process notation;
  • automatic selection of tolerances and deviations;
  • fast access to typical texts and designations;
  • built-in text editor with spell checking
  • built-in table editor.
KOMPAS-Graphic V17 will automatically generate associative types of three-dimensional models (including cuts, sections, local cuts, local views, views along arrow, views with a break). All of them are associated with the model, i.e. any changes in the model will result in changes in the drawing image. The standard views will automatically be constructed with projection links. The main drawing caption data (designation, description, weight) are synchronized with the three-dimensional model data.
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