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Calculate, design, and do strength analysis on machine elements.

APM Studio - FEMAPM Studio - FEM is software intended for the calculation and design of machine elements, mechanisms and structures as well as general purpose strength analysis by finite element method. APM Studio - FEM contains methods for strength, stiffness, longevity calculation, and more. Some methods implemented for non-ideal machine element calculation have no analogues in the world. With APM Studio - FEM you can calculate machine elements used in mechanical engineering and designed in KOMPAS-3D.
APM Studio - FEM performs static, nonlinear, buckling, frequency and heat analysis. Different load types are available: concentrated and distributed forces and moments, gravity and rotation accelerations, thermal loads, and prestrain. You can use APM Studio - FEM to model the object's structure to develop working design plans and specifications. Then use the computer-aided generation of finite element mesh on the created models imported into APM Structure 3D to analyze deflected mode under the influence of various load-bearing factors.
Use APM Studio - FEM to create surface and solid-state objects by 3D modeling or sketching in 2D. Data can also be transferred into the sketch from external graphics editors (importing from .dxf or .agr file formats.) You can also export the geometry from the sketch to 2D APM Graph editor. You can import 3D models via the exchange STEP format for further editing and assessment of the stress-strained state.
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