ASCON KOMPAS‑3D Universal Mechanism Plug‑In

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Mechanism Simulation for KOMPAS
KOMPAS-3D Universal Mechanism Plug-InKOMPAS-3D Universal Mechanism Plug-In is designed for the analysis of dynamic, kinematics and static systems, developed with KOMPAS-3D. KOMPAS-3D Universal Mechanism Plug-In is made for design engineers who are solving problems of functional behavior of machines and mechanisms. KOMPAS-3D Universal Mechanism Plug-In is a standard application for KOMPAS-3D. Mechanisms are described as systems of solids, joints and load-bearing elements. 3D-model real-time animation is supported during the calculation process. Almost all of necessary values are available for analysis including coordinates, velocity, acceleration, joint's reaction forces, spring forces etc.
KOMPAS-3D Universal Mechanism Plug-In allows modeling of assemblies made of an unlimited number of solids designed with KOMPAS-3D. A wide array of joints types allows the creation of mechanisms of any complexity.
KOMPAS-3D Universal Mechanism Plug-In includes about twenty samples of dynamic models, showing KOMPAS-3D Universal Mechanism Plug-In capabilities in the area of modeling of car suspension's kinematics and dynamics, engines, robots, mechanisms and machines.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Working with linear or harmonic time-dependent force elements of various types, which are included in a standard database.
  • Modelling cam mechanisms and trains of gears by contact force elements.
  • Setting uniform, uniformly accelerated/decelerated motions or harmonic oscillations for selected degrees of freedom in kinematic purposes.
  • Parametrization of force elements as well as kinematic expressions;
  • Creating video (AVI) files with simulation results;
  • Plotting graphs of any dynamic or kinematic variable;
  • Calculation of equilibrium positions; evaluation of natural frequencies and eigenvalues of the model depending on parameters.

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