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Motion Simulation of products in KOMPAS-3D

KOMPAS-3D Animation Plug-InKOMPAS-3D Animation Plug-In library is a standard application for KOMPAS-3D. It works under KOMPAS-3D V8 version o higher. It doesn't require additional modules besides KOMPAS-3D.
KOMPAS-3D Animation Plug-In is designed for motion simulation (animation) of product developed with KOMPAS-3D three-dimensional solid modeling system.
The library allows:
  • Simulating of real-work motion of product's component parts (product's parts mating applied during 3D-assembly developing process can be used).
  • Automatic detecting of possible parts' collisions during motion process for design errors detection.
  • Visual simulation of assembling-disassembling process of the product for use in interactive technical manual.
  • Creating of sequential mechanism's attitudes diagram - "kinetic-diagram".
  • Creating video files of product motion in AVI format.
KOMPAS-3D Animation Plug-In consists of sequential steps. Different types and parameters of part's motion are available for setting during each step of the animation (velocity, rotation frequency, time). KOMPAS-3D Animation Plug-In process scenario saves in standard XML-format.
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