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Manage and organize your design data

Pilot-ICE -- 1 Year LicensePilot-ICE 1 Year License is the solution for managing and organizing your design data. Pilot-ICE system is suited for all sizes of design firms, architectural studios, project offices, and design departments at industrial companies.


Data storage, management, and analysis
  • Pilot-ICE organizes the collaborative creation of construction, design, engineering, and working documents
  • Implements management standards
  • Manages a design organization's corporate content
  • Incorporates planning and project management
  • Generates reports on project progress, departmental action, employee activity, and so on
  • Communicates with contractors and customers
  • Mines data
  • Compatible with any CAD systems, as well as calculation and budget systems, and document, image, audio, and video files
A reliable tool for designers, planners, architects, engineers, surveyors
  • Easily work on projects jointly
  • Keep projects safe, maintain project integrity
  • Track and record design efforts, share best practices
  • Communicate effectively with team members
Dashboard for chief engineers, general designers, and head designers
  • Real-time project management monitoring
  • Faster approval of documentation development plans
  • Simpler procedures for cost estimating
  • Minimize errors and disagreements between departments
  • Easier coordination with contractors and customers
Executive control panel
  • Information safekeeping and intellectual property management
  • Project evaluation and cost reduction
  • Improved quality of issued projects
  • Superior design culture
Advantages for small and medium-sized design companies
  • Seamless integration with any corporate IT infrastructure
  • A system that is ready to use immediately following installation
  • No degradation from unreliable network infrastructure, low-speed or public access channels. or even being offline
  • Easy to use, with no additional staff required
  • High performance and scalability through an unlimited number of workstations
  • Low cost of ownership - no hidden costs from DBMS purchase or added administration
  • Direct technical support for developers
  • System version is always up to date

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