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Manage and organize your design data

Pilot-ICE -- 1 Year LicensePilot-ICE 1 Year License is the solution for managing and organizing your design data. Pilot-ICE system is suited for all sizes of design firms, architectural studios, project offices, and design departments at industrial companies.


Data storage, management, and analysis
  • Pilot-ICE organizes the collaborative creation of construction, design, engineering, and working documents
  • Implements management standards
  • Manages a design organization's corporate content
  • Incorporates planning and project management
  • Generates reports on project progress, departmental action, employee activity, and so on
  • Communicates with contractors and customers
  • Mines data
  • Compatible with any CAD systems, as well as calculation and budget systems, and document, image, audio, and video files
A reliable tool for designers, planners, architects, engineers, surveyors
  • Easily work on projects jointly
  • Keep projects safe, maintain project integrity
  • Track and record design efforts, share best practices
  • Communicate effectively with team members
Dashboard for chief engineers, general designers, and head designers
  • Real-time project management monitoring
  • Faster approval of documentation development plans
  • Simpler procedures for cost estimating
  • Minimize errors and disagreements between departments
  • Easier coordination with contractors and customers
Executive control panel
  • Information safekeeping and intellectual property management
  • Project evaluation and cost reduction
  • Improved quality of issued projects
  • Superior design culture
Advantages for small and medium-sized design companies
  • Seamless integration with any corporate IT infrastructure
  • A system that is ready to use immediately following installation
  • No degradation from unreliable network infrastructure, low-speed or public access channels. or even being offline
  • Easy to use, with no additional staff required
  • High performance and scalability through an unlimited number of workstations
  • Low cost of ownership - no hidden costs from DBMS purchase or added administration
  • Direct technical support for developers
  • System version is always up to date

Open TableCompare KPOMPAS 3D Versions
Usability and system options
Software license
Interactive learning system
Flexible User Interface
Colors, Brushes, Gradient Fills, Transparency
Handle-Based Editing
Rich selection tools
Text/Table creation: BOM reports
Metric units
Styles Libraries: Hatches, Lines, Titles, Text
2D Creation
Layer Filter
2D Drafting: Dots
2D Drafting: Lines
2D Drafting: Arcs
2D Drafting: Circles
2D Drafting: Ellipses
2D Drafting: Polylines
2D Drafting: Splines
Hatch and fill styles
Snaps & Geometric Alignments
Geometrical calculator
Dimensioning: Smart dimensions
Dimensioning: Linear dimensions
Dimensioning: Angular dimensions
Dimensioning: Radial dimensions
Dimensioning: Diametric dimensions
Dimensioning: Arc dimensions
Dimensioning: Levels
Symbols and designations: Leaders
Symbols and designations: Balloons
Symbols and designations: Tolerances
Symbols and designations: Surface finishing
Symbols and designations: Datum’s
Symbols and designations: Center marks
Symbols and designations: Centerlines etc.
Block creation and editing
Projection views
Arbitrary views
Section views
Detail section view
Detail view
Enlarged detail view
View by arrow
Break in view
Transformations: Move
Transformations: Rotate
Transformations: Mirror
Transformations: Scale
Transformations: Copy
Transformations: Patterns
Transformations: Trimming
Transformations: Splitting tools
Transformations: Extension
Transformations: Aligning
Transformations: Chamfers
Transformations: Fillets
Local coordinate systems
Measuring tools: Coordinates distance
Measuring tools: Distance along curve
Measuring tools: Distance from curve to point
Measuring tools: Distance between curves
Measuring tools: Angle
Measuring tools: Curve length
Measuring tools: Area
Measuring tools: Mass properties
BOM: Tables by BOM properties
BOM: Object property editing
BOM: Automatic ballooning
Spell checking tools
Text and table creation
Link to another document
3D Sketching
Point by group
Conical spiral
Spline by objects
Curve by law
Round curves
Join curves
Curve by 2 projection
Trim curve
Curve equidistant line
isoparametric curve
isoparametric curve on surface
Spline on surface
Projection curve
Surface Intersection Curve
Solid modeling
Part by prototype
Sheet metal: Sheet body
Sheet metal: Shell
Sheet metal: Bend
Sheet metal: Bend by sketch
Sheet metal: Bend by line
Sheet metal: Incision
Sheet metal: Hole on sheet body
Sheet metal: Cut in sheet body
Sheet metal: Plate
Sheet metal: Cap corners
Sheet metal: Unbend/Bend
Sheet metal: Flat pattern parameters
Sheet metal: Flat pattern
Sheet metal: Drawn cutout
Sheet metal: Dimple
Sheet metal: Louver
Sheet metal: Beat
3D editing: Fillets
3D editing: Chamfers
3D editing: Rib
3D editing: Draft
3D editing: Scaling
3D editing: Boolean features
3D editing: Cut by surface
3D editing: Trim by sketch
3D editing: Arrays and patterns
3D editing: 3D designation and process symbols
3D editing: Local parts
Assembly modeling
Imported surface
Ruled surface
Surface by grid of curves
Surface by grid of points
Surface by point layer
Surface connection
Equidistant surface
Surface trimming
Splitting surface
Surface border extension
Surface knitting
Delete faces
Solid modeling
Part insertion
Sub-assembly insertion
Arrays and patterns
BOM reports
Autoballooning tools
Solid modeling tools in assembly
Surface modeling tools in assembly
BOM list manager
3D designation and process symbols
Collaboration tools
eCAD IDF converter
Document library
Drawings and sketches
3D parts
Standard parts catalogues
Trace parts catalogues integration
BOW wisard
FEM analysis
Steel Structures design
Pipelines design
Photorealistic rendering
Dynamic and Kinematic analysis
Mould and die design
Unwrap Add-In
Dimension chain calculation
Feature recognition tools
Macros development tools
Application libraries
Pack and Go tools

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