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ArredoCAD Designer: Interior design software. Draw floor plans, make furniture layouts, design rooms and create stunning 3D images
ArredoCAD Designer 15 has been specially designed for creating interiors and with this 3D interior design software you can reproduce the models of any manufacturer or create any design or architectural solution according to the different needs of your customers, making possible to draw and furnish a single room as well as an entire flat. The huge libraries containing furniture, doors, materials and finishes, configurable according to the needs of the user, are constantly updated and can be enriched through 3D objects imported from 3ds Max or Sketchup. The powerful rendering engine, the performing rapidity and the very easy use of the program as well as a more customisable and effective 3D navigation allow you to show to the end customer a photorealistic preview of the design proposal and to experiment in real time alternative solutions making the 3D software ArredoCAD Designer become an irreplaceable marketing and selling tool, that is vital to meet all your clients' needs with highly personalised solutions and to improve your competitiveness.

What's New in ArredoCAD 15

New version of ArredoCAD Designer 15, all the features
New Functions
  • Color change function and quickly texture insertion through "drag and drop" in the 3D window
  • Visualization of the 3D window on a separated window (for ex. to visualize it at the same time on a second monitor)
  • An improved 3D preview of the elements (in Element Properties) in order to visualize colors and hidden lines
  • Improved previews of the elements (in User Archive) in order to visualize colors and hidden lines
  • Automatic change of dimensions in real time (elevation view and plan view) when you move objects with automatic displayed dimensions
  • New mask to select Model in project
  • New management for online downloading and importing of external library packs (Partners)
  • New management of units of measures in inches
  • Activation of the visualization Element macro by clicking on the object (for activation click on Preferences: Window auto element macro)
  • Speed up of loading "Bitmap in the scene/project" in material archive
  • Automatic assignment of specularity map as roughness map in the materials editor
New 3D elements
Update Partner Libraries:
  • Bauline
  • Garofoli
  • Migliorino

Common Accessories:
  • Integrated sink for kitchens
  • Hobs with integrated hood (in Domestic appliances)
  • Accessories and various objects for kitchens (in Kitchen accessories)
  • Sliding shower doors (Bathroom Accessories)
  • Garage doors (in Outdoor accessories)
  • Sunblind (in Outdoor accessories)
  • Equipped track for kitchen worktop (in Kitchen accessories)
  • Suspended fireplaces
  • Accessories for shops
  • Sloped beamed ceiling with dormer (sloped beamed ceiling - type 1)
  • Pitch for ceiling with dormer (covering)
  • Triangular opening to match to 2-sides opening (cutting elements for walls)

Kitchen Models with Door Changing:
  • New types of tall units

Bathroom Models with Door Changing:
  • New model configurer
  • Just one list for modern and classical bathrooms
  • New traditional and modern doors
  • New handles
  • Updated tops, integrated washbasins and semi-recessed parametrical washbasins

Update Fenix finishing

ArredoCAD Introductory Video

Introduction to ArredoCAD


Photorealistic Render
Already optimized for elements and materials contained in the libraries of the 3D interior design software, ArredoCAD, D-RAY is one of the most powerful, speed and easy to use rendering engine. With few clicks you can set night and day effects, insert HDR or JPG and obtain photo-quality rendered images. D-Ray has the function "panoramic rendering" too, with which you can move 360% inside the project visualised in a rendering quality like in a virtual reality. Moreover, you can render more than one scene at the same time and keep working on the project while rendering.
Realtime Render
It's the integrated high definition 3D navigation system of ArredoCAD, the interior design software, that allows you to move inside the scene in real time and with a 3D high definition of the materials used (laquered surfaces, mirrors, surfaces in glass, chrome , steel etc.). Thanks to RealTime Render you can insert panoramic backgrounds, that you can move on the left or on the right, and manage light-spots inside or outside the scene (night effect, simulation of sun light) in real time. This allows you to provide your customer with an amazing visual experience when you show him the previews of your project solutions in terms of design and architecture.
Moreover you can make the scene even more realistic with a few clicks, adding the animation effects available in the RealTime Render (moving water in a wash basin, moving fire in a fireplace or in a cooker, trees and plants moved by the wind as well as TV monitors switched on with the possibility to see other channels). The image quality has been remarkably improved and don't forget that RealTime Render allows you to save immediately the image that you see on the screen and to create in a few minutes dozens of project views sparing time if compared with longer rendering time.
Virtual Reality
Through the Oculus Rift visor (to purchase separated) ArredoCAD Designer 15 allows you to walk inside the scenes in Virtual Reality mode. To upload the scene you don't need to render it: in few seconds you can show your customers an amazing preview of the project.
3D Libraries
The very huge library of ArredoCAD contains more than 25.000 modular elements (classic and modern ones) for any room, to which you can add the interior design items of prestigious partners. The element are parametric and adjustable to the models of any manufacturing company.
Management Of Wall And Floor Covering
In the 3D interior design software, ArredoCAD Designer there are more than 15.000 textures and the user can easily import other textures from outside (.jpg, .bmp, .png), grouping them according to company, type, series or dimensions. The insertion of wall and floor covering as well as skirting-board is extremely rapid: With just few clicks you can cover an entire flat using different customizable lay outs. For every room you can use a series of data provided automatically (floor and wall area with or without openings, length of skirting-board, volume, etc.) and the quantities of the used materials, while the user can set the calculation of wastes and reserves as well as insert the prices of materials to obtain the final quotation.
Creation Of Customized Elements
Besides importing 3D elements from the outside, ArredoCAD allows you to create new objects through the solid modeler of ArredoCAD, Explode Element or customizable aided assembly of single parts (structures, shelves, cabinet doors, drawers, side panels etc.).
Tiling And Covering Management
In ArredoCAD there are more than 15.000 covering/tiling and the user can import other types from outside grouping them according to companies. The insertion is automatic and occurs according to covering lay-out customizable schemes.

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