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Dynamic Doors & Windows for AutoCAD 2011-2017 -- Metric UnitsDynamic Doors & Windows for AutoCAD 2011-2017 Metric Units consists of a useful dynamic block set of doors and windows, for architectural floorplans. At the time of insertion, the block has a masking feature, simulating the "breaking" of the wall lines. You can stretch the width and frame size thru the use of grips. Each block has automatically populated width and frame attribute fields, plus more than 10 other door and window attribute data, filled in by the user, suitable for data extraction to AutoCAD and Excel. Dynamic Doors & Windows for AutoCAD 2011-2017 offers dozens of alternatives for each type of door, being able to choose the swing side, hand and several different types of hardware combinations, thru visibility states.

Features & Tips

  • The block "breaks" the wall thru a masking feature.
  • Frame: 1½" wide by total wall depth.
  • Circular shape door/window tag, with name and width in feet & inches.
  • Different layers for the frame, door panel, glazing, sill, swing arc and door/window tag.
  • Door/window geometry and tag can be custom edited.
  • Compatible with AutoCAD 2011 thru 2017.

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