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The solution for counting and locating coordinate values, elevation symbols, and more in AutoCAD 2004-2016.
AFV Software,Count and Highlight for AutoCAD Metric Units is a powerful and very easy to use add-on for AutoCAD. Now you have the solution for counting and locating coordinate values,elevation symbols, lost point entities and more!
This is the Metric Units version. Imperial Units version also available.
Count and Highlight for AutoCAD lets you search throughout your drawing, entities of any type and have them highlighted by means of the grip feature. You also will get a count of the selected entity sorted by layout tab. Then it's your choice to move, copy or delete the highlighted entities by editing the selection.


  • Searches and counts any AutoCAD.
  • Searches blocks, attribute values and texts, by specific user input.
  • At the command line, a list of found objects and their quantities is displayed.
  • Highlights all required entities on the current Layout and Model tab.
  • Invisible attributes are counted and located on the drawing.

Installation Requirements

In order to work properly, your copy of Count and Highlight for AutoCAD — Metric Units requires :
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