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Draw a 3D circular stair in AutoCAD 2000-2016

3D Helical Stair for AutoCAD -- Imperial UnitsDo you need to draw a 3D circular stair in AutoCAD? From the creators of 3D Spiral Stair and 3D Helical Ramp. AFV Software releases: 3D Helical Stair for AutoCAD Imperial Units, a powerful and very easy to use add-on for AutoCAD.
This is the Imperial Units version. Metric Units version also available.
This dialog box driven, Fast Load Autolisp (FAS) application, lets you build a complete 3D helical stair in seconds, including fancy handrails and tread finishes. Just specify on the dialog box: Tread depth, Landing height, Inner radius, Stair width and maximum riser height. You'll watch the stair being built in seconds performing the following tasks:
  • A solid stair run
  • Riser and tread finishes including nosing
  • Left and/or right top railing, intermediate railing and balusters
  • All elements are automatically drawn on their own layers

Key Features

  • Helpful dialog box.
  • 5 design parameters.
  • Each stair element has its unique layer.
  • Imperial Units (Metric Units version also available).
  • Final model suitable for rendering.
  • Imperial and Metric Graphical Tutorials.
  • AutoCAD 2000 thru 2017 and ADT compatible.
  • Supports non-English versions of AutoCAD.
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