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Office Layout is a fast and powerful tool for the design of the office space. For AutoCAD 2000-2017.

Office Layout for AutoCAD Metric Units is a fast and powerful tool for the design of office space. It's perfect for facilities management, space planning, office designers and glazed partition manufacturers. Office Layout for AutoCAD includes panels, partitions, doors with auto-tags, office furniture blocks, and more.
This is the Metric Units version. Imperial Units version also available.

How it Works

  • By picking 2 points, or 1 point and a distance, glazed or solid modular partitions can be drawn as fast as you draw a line.
  • Distances are considered between posts centerlines.
  • An easy to use replacement tool is provided to toggle between glazed and solid panels.
  • Single and double doors with selected size and swing can be inserted on partition openings, automatically generated.
  • Each partition module and door has its own ID tag, which is inserted automatically.
  • Complete the design with handy and functional office furniture and identify the room with a two-field ID tag.

Key Features

  • Pull-down menu.
  • Automatic fitting panels.
  • Automatic osnaps for faster drawing.
  • Automatic ID tags with attributes.
  • 3 sizes of modular panels.
  • 3 types of doors.
  • 7 types of office furniture furnished in editable blocks.
  • Each element has its unique layer.
  • Metric (m, cm and mm) units.
  • Graphical Tutorial included.
  • AutoCAD 2000+ compatible

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